Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012/365 - Day 1

starting again!

Since it is like I am re-setting the blog and starting over, I thought I'd grab a couple of unfinished projects off of the "save it for later" shelf and start them over, too. There are a lot of photos in this blog entry because I worked on both of these guys in the same session and I didn't want to make separate posts for them.

As with pretty much every plaster cloth guy I make, I have no idea what these two guys will turn into.

This guy sort of started off as a blue wolf-ish creature.

And this guy was one I was never sure of to begin with. Depending on how you look at him he looks like a sheep, horse, bear, hippo...I don't know.

One of the easiest ways for me to get going is to just start wrapping stuff on a guy. I am using small-bubble bubble wrap that was left over from some packaging.

As this guy was taking some shape I thought he might be wearing a suit coat of some sort and that I would add arms later.

back view

This guy was looking sheep-y and the bubble wrap was looking fleecy.

I thought I'd try and give him a round belly.

Ahhhh...fresh start at the plaster cloth area! I dumped out all of the plaster dust, changed the plastic bags on the table and cut new plaster cloth triangles. Ready to go!

I didn't take any photos while I was plaster cloth'ing the wolf-guy because I was trying to control the shape he was taking on. The bubble wrap was giving me a few problems and the wolf-guy was becoming less and less like I had envisioned. I kept trying to keep pressure on the front and back and let most of the bulges go to the sides but I couldn't maintain the pressure. Then I used a strip of paper rag and masking tape and pulled everything in as tightly as I worked a teensy bit but I knew it wasn't going to hold. I gave up and just kept covering the body the way it wanted to go.

Having learned a small lesson from the previous guy, I took the bubble wrap off of this guy and decided to try and build up a shape with tightly folded paper rags.

I wanted to go for a creature in a suit since I couldn't do it with the wolf-guy.

I figured I'd need to get the shoulders and chest and back the way I would need them and then add arms later.

taping on the folded paper rags

after the first layer of plaster cloth

I was trying to think of what I could make arms out of.

Now that I have that little hack saw (?) I feel like everything is fair game...LOL.

I realized the glue stick tube would be too wide after I already cut it...the plaster cloth does add quite a bit of bulk.

Ha -- I have a bajillion pencils! And I could cut one in half and then sharpen both of the pieces and puncture the creature so they'd be anchored.

I tried positioning the pencils/arms at different points but I ended up liking them here the best.

 is how the wolf-creature ended up.

Not at ALL what I was thinking of.

back view

I wrapped the pencils/arms with plaster cloth...he is looking a little Godzilla-y to me right now.

It is funny how his species changes as you turn him a little.

Sheep? About-to-become-Godzilla?

Horse? Hippo? Big ol' dog?

Here he kind of looks like a bear to me...


...kinda bear-y

OR a little like the Universal Remonster from Aqua Teen Hunger Force...I love that little guy!

(There is probably a commercial before the ATHF clip...and the clips just keep playing automatically...just sayin'.)

I cracked myself up when I was leaving the studio -- I had to take one more photo.

Look at the size difference between the "Hands Up" cat-creature I've been working on and these two little guys!


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Congrats on the "Friday Five." Totally cool post Took!!!

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