Sunday, January 29, 2012

2012/365 - Day 29

no photos...just a sneak peek

This morning was spent doing a photo shoot of the totally finished cat-creature...and then trying to make adjustments to the photos.

I took her out to the living room, moved some furniture and used a corner to take some photos. It hadn't occurred to me how difficult it might prove to be to get uncluttered pictures of such a tall piece.

I am not set up for "studio" photography and I am not very good at adjusting digital photographs but I am happy enough with the results from the two cameras. If I ever win the lottery maybe I will buy backdrops and lights and things like that.

Late tomorrow afternoon is the time for dropping off the cat-creature (that needs a title) and Chime Cat. After I get home I will post some of the photos I took today.

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