Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2012/365 - Day 10 part two - Animal People collages part 6

collage content -- filling or not filling the space

Sometimes I have assembled Animal People that are a good size for the Art-o-mat block and I am able to make a somewhat detailed/busy collage...and it is hard to find a spot for the phrase.

Other times I have a somewhat larger guy that takes up most of the block, but it seems to make a completed/finished-looking (to me) collage all on its own...and I hate to add anything to it but I feel like I haven't done "enough" to it to call it done.

And other times I have an assembled Animal Person that has part of an arm missing, or there were words from the magazine across the body that need to be covered up by a collage element.

The bottom line is I make the collages to satisfy myself. I make each one as if I will keep it for my own collection. Another way to say it is: Would I be happy it, having spent $5 in the Art-o-mat machine?

I just hope that the new owners enjoy them as much as I do.

This group of Animal People are examples of all of the things I was talking about.

In each of these collages I was very pleased with the added images and phrases and I think that they all work.

Here are Animal People collages 26-30 of fifty for Art-o-mat:

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