Monday, January 9, 2012

2012/365 - Day 9

shopping in the basement

That is what I call it when I need to go and buy something but I check in the stashes in the basement in the basement.

I thought I had some L-brackets and I did!

AND short screws with big heads...just perfect!

How lucky is that --I built this guy -- waaaay back when -- with a wooden plaque as his base.

I played around with positioning the guy on top of the legs and drew an outline around the squares where they would attach. I drilled pilot holes with my Dremel tool, tried the holes and legs and L-brackets again, then screwed in the screws in the bottom of the plaque.

I repeated the process for the legs.

Voila -- he stands on his own!

close up of the L-bracket connections

rear view

Now I need to decide if I will plaster cloth the legs or leave them mostly as exposed wood. Maybe I will do a little of both.

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