Monday, January 23, 2012

2012/365 - Day 23

cool stuff today!

First, I shipped out my first set of 50 pieces of Art-o-mat art for 2012.

I also made an Art-o-mat Series Tracker page for myself so that I would know what I made this year...and see where I am count-wise.

Then -- when I got home from the post office, this was waiting for me in my mailbox!!!

My very first ever AIC 1099 Club package!

This means that Artists in Cellophane sold over $600 of my Arto-art last year and it has to be reported to the IRS on form 1099.

I was a bit worried I hadn't made it all on my own because of the Penciled In series that I make with my friend Juana Moore -- we split the $2.50 per piece for those. But doing the math (subtracting Juana's take from my total on the form) it turns out I just made it! (My take from the collaboration with Kettle on the KT Goodlove series was paid to him and he sent it to me, so that isn't included in the numbers.)

This is the first time in the 1099 Club for me and I am really excited about it. I plan on making it into the club again next year!


miss_peggy_artist said...

hahaha I am just cracking up at your 1099 club membership :)

I was just about to ask you if/how that is handled . . .
I'm inspired to make my 50 pcs !

Took said...


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