Friday, May 31, 2013

365/2013 - Day 151

a lot of sanding and painting...

...and making trips up and down the basement stairs, plus a little bit of sewing.  

That's what I did today after running errands.  It is so humid and rainy that I have to do the sanding and spray painting of the base for Quillz in the basement.  The very top of the metal pole got messed up when the spray paint spurted a bit when I first started, but I think I can sand it and repaint it in time.  Drop off for West of Center is on Sunday and Monday. 

I was planning on just painting the base white but the white paint in the store was blindingly white and I didn't want it that white.  I opted for the color I did so that it would be a color you can just barely see, but it is a color rather than off-white.  It is also helpful to me when applying multiple coats of paint to not paint the exact color I am trying to cover.  But you know me and painting...

ready to sand (over by the mountain of cardboard boxes that need to be broken down for recycling)
after the first pass at sanding -- you can see on the very right pie section how much gunk was on the base -- I don't even remember where the base came from

Then I sewed the seam closed that Joan needed to open for inserting the sleeve for setting Quillz onto the base's pole.  I never imagined any of those seams would be opened up -- I would have made more of an edge to them.  I think the repair looks fine.  It is not like it is in a spot that is going to be on view much...I was more concerned with the seam staying closed.  I'd be good with it if I was purchasing Quillz for myself.

that first seam that needed to be opened on Wednesday
it doesn't look too bad -- the other seams are either green or orange
when Quillz is on the base I seriously doubt this will be noticeable

I am going to let the paint rest for a day or day-and-a-half before I try to repair the spurty part of the top of the pole.  I am getting very excited for the Opening Reception on First Friday.  Partly because West of Center is my very favorite local juried show and partly because Sue will be going with me.  Sue and I need to do some banking/house stuff on Friday so we are going to turn it into a Girls Night Out -- she will bring Abby and we will do our banking, play board games, go to the opening, and bring dinner back to the house...make a night of it!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

365/2013 - Day 150

dang...not again!

I am very disappointed with myself and this every-other-day posting to the blog stuff.  Not happy.

You know the phrase "Suck it up, Cupcake...everybody's got problems"?  Well, that is me today in spades.  Major sucking it up. 

That is all.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

365/2013 - Day 149

another glorious Wednesday Morning with Joan and Leann

I cannot express how much I love my friends and our mornings together.  Man.

Leann arrived first -- and headed for the coffee
Okay -- I was having a LOT of trouble understanding how to make the hole/fabric tube/sleeve that will allow my soft sculpture "Quillz" to sit on its stand for display at West of Center at the Northville Art House.  The drop off date is quickly approaching.  This morning Joan and Leann convinced me to just let Joan whip it together because she can do it so effortlessly and beautifully.  After much discussion they helped me to understand that this is how artists learn from each other and that she wasn't doing this as a collaboration or that I wasn't passing the work was just one artist was showing another artist how to do something so that the other artist can do it herself next time.
First "we" went into the seam by the tail...Joan made a long tube/sleeve and attached it to the inside of the hole that was created by opening one of my seams. 
Then she worked the creature down over the pole, positioning the stuffing and making it work...but it wasn't quite right.  The hole and tube needed to be inserted into a bottom seam.  Joan just took the seam out again and redid it in the new spot.  She is amazing.
This is the second insert/tube/sleeve -- look at those smooth, even stitches.
This is the first seam that I will close back up.
and this is the pole/base/stand that I will sand and repaint...but it is much too humid today.  I did go out and get the paint, though!
It was very difficult for me to let go of my white-knuckled control over this project/problem.  Now that it is done (and I watched Joan do it so easily) I realize that if it had been something that Joan needed to plaster cloth or a tiny magazine image that needed intricate cutting I could have done that for her (and think nothing of it) just as easily as she did today's work for me. Duh.  

Thank You SO much, Joan (and Leann) for your help and guidance and patience and friendship and...and...and...

365/2013 - Day 148 (another one that is a day late...sheesh)

(heavy sigh)

Sue and I spent a few hours out in the stormy weather and when I got home I was really wrecked.  I won't go into details but between the allergens and the high humidity (from what I can tell) I was pretty much forced to do the Benadryl/elevate/cold pack was brutal.  Nothing got done.

Monday, May 27, 2013

365/2013 - Day 147

the last of my new artwork arrives

Oooh -- today Kate Paul and husband Gordon Paul delivered Kate's incredible painting "Pulling My Weight".  Gordy made the wonderful frames for the two pieces I have acquired from Kate...they are gorgeous works of art on their own.

Kate and Gordy stayed and chatted for about 45 minutes.  It was lovely.  I am SO happy with my new painting!

Kate and Gordy Paul -- and "Pulling My Weight"
frame by Gordy Paul -- "Pulling My Weight"
frame by Gordy Paul -- "Earning My Stripes"
closer view of "Pulling My Weight"
detail -- "Pulling My Weight"

Sunday, May 26, 2013

365/2013 - Day 146

the curious part

I am a creature of habit and routine.  I love it, I need it.  Weekends are always bothersome for me because my tv schedule (daytime) is messed up...not what I am used to.  Wah, Poor Took.

Today I've been pulling images from magazines for an upcoming return to my Animal People series for Art-o-mat.  Still the prep stages.

Then I was thinking about the curious object that Leann brought for Joan and me to "fight" over.  It is a donated radio part of some sort that Leann's husband Mark thought one of us might enjoy using.  Joan liked it a lot, too -- but she didn't have a plan for it right away, so I "won"...yay!  Of course, it is a snake part...anyone can see that!

the curious part -- thanks, Mark!
I wanted to use a tube that has a lot of surface to the edge to hold the part better.
While wrapping the tube with masking tape I found that there was a long glob of some sort of glue...I decided to leave it.  Maybe it will show up through the layers of plaster cloth.
The curious part affixed to the tube -- it is really firmly in place!
I didn't know what kind of head to make for this snake...a balloon didn't work right.  I couldn't find any shapes around the studio that I liked, so I wadded up some plastic outer wrappers from paper products...this is just the sort of occasion that I save them for.
Well, so far he has turned into a sort of rattlesnake and I am not fond of viper-shaped he will be changing, but this is how he looks right now.
Straight on he is a little less viper-looking.  I will absolutely be changing his head shape...but not tonight.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

365/2013 - Day 145

new art arrived!!!

YAY -- My new artwork by Kill Taupe arrived today!  He was pre-selling some of the pieces for his recent exhibit "Backyard Animals".  The show was at Rogue's Gallery in Milwaukee and (naturally) I had to wait until after the show to receive my painting.  

I. LOVE. IT.  

It is called "Exchanging of Souls (Wolf)".

You can find more of Kill Taupe's fabulous/"more awesome than pizza" artwork at his online shop.

receipt, note, two stickers, biz card & button
postcard from the show -- I'm keeping in the back of the painting
"Exchanging of Souls (Wolf)" by Kill Taupe
in place on my wall

Friday, May 24, 2013

365/2013 - Day 144

a day with goats 

Today Sue and I went out to Sue's friend's farm to see some one-week-old kittens (and see if I wanted to adopt the black one) and to visit with the current goats.  Teresa raises dairy goats...she still has some of the ones I met a few years ago (her foundation goats) but has expanded to another breed -- Oberhasli.  There must have been close to 30 goats there today -- including the separate area of bucks for breeding.  ALL of Teresa's goats are just delightful and socialized and very friendly.

Teresa has about 10 acres near Perry, Michigan.  She has goats, dogs, cats, turkeys, chickens & roosters, a sheep, and horses.  This is the view walking down to the barn from her house.
That is Teresa with the sheep and two of her dogs.
This is Teresa's favorite baby right now...Appletini...who needed a sweater with the cold snap we are having.
What a sweet little girl.
Another one of the babies...I can't keep track of who is who.
Same baby as above.
MANY of the photos I shot today turned out like this -- these goats are so darned friendly that they get waaaaay close before you can snap the picture.
This is Applejack -- aka Jack -- one of the extremely handsome stud bucks.
Another one of the really sweet stud bucks.
Letting the girls out so we could go into the tack room in the barn to see the kittens.
Another view of the girls...and little Appletini.
These kittens are only one week old and mama is super protective so I had to snap quickly...there are five kittens.
And mama got right back in with them.
This is the one that I was thinking about -- but this sweetie pie is just not right for me/Twink/Bootsy.
Letting the girls back in for milking...and here they come...
...and they're coming in...
...and "Hey -- who are YOU?...
...and still coming...
...and now they are all in.
This is the youngster who decided I was okay to befriend...she has just recently become less skittish and is warming up to people other than Teresa.  Pretty much all of the pictures I tried to take were blurry...LOL...long shutter speed inside the barn and moving youngster.
My camera's strap was a big hit with Star.
This is the goaty who sort of adopted Sue today.
This is Star when she is still.
Another adult visits me.
Star with a little more light on her.
Sue's goat -- Cotton..."take pictures of "my goat", too!"
Sue keeping Star still...what a face.
Two of the foundation goats...Mamie on the left and Star's mom Kelsey on the right.
Sue with her two goat friends...Cotton and the goat Sue got to name -- Snickers.
And I believe this is Snickers' baby...I don't remember her name.
...but she sure is adorable!
Back outside while Sue and Teresa visit the horses...more time with Jack. 
What a handsome guy!  Look at those eyes -- so beautiful.
"Show me your foot."
The stance Jack took with me a lot of the time...apparently goats have scent glands in the foreheads and he reeeeeeeeeeeally marked me...kind of the way Twink does when he rubs his cheek against me.  Jack rubbed his forehead on me so much I thought he was going to wear a hole in my sleeve.
What a guy!
Jack is the goat I'd take home today.
Bye, Jack -- see you next time!

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