Saturday, May 18, 2013

365/2013 - Day 138

whew -- this is about as good as either of these projects will get today

Well, I wrestled with the sander and the shelves...I am not very happy with them right now but I also can't mess with them anymore today.  At least I sanded all ten of them...most need touch up painting.  The shelves just aren't coming out the way I pictured them.  

I have been tweaking this goat-ish collage for most of the evening.  I have never been able to draw a reasonably convincing goat face.  Then I thought about using a photo from the internet and trying to trace it and incorporate it.  But the more I looked at the Google'd photos, the more I remembered I have a bunch of photos of goats that I actually took -- Sue's friend's goats, Colin (the handsome goat at Kensington Metropark), and Hershey (the goat I sponsored at SASHA Farms).  Huh.  My photos are not at wonderful as some of the photos I found, but I can try to alter them in my photo program and work with them.  Again...this is about as good as this is going to get...tonight anyway.

the cropped and altered Hershey head photo
two versions of the further altered photo -- plus penciling the back of the cut out head to try and leave a mark on the canvas
right about here -- not quite the exact right size but maybe I can make it work
Hershey's horns showed up a bit -- I left out the notch he has in one of  his horns
first try
tweaked collage image of a goat-ish guy -- it's a start, I guess

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