Sunday, May 26, 2013

365/2013 - Day 146

the curious part

I am a creature of habit and routine.  I love it, I need it.  Weekends are always bothersome for me because my tv schedule (daytime) is messed up...not what I am used to.  Wah, Poor Took.

Today I've been pulling images from magazines for an upcoming return to my Animal People series for Art-o-mat.  Still the prep stages.

Then I was thinking about the curious object that Leann brought for Joan and me to "fight" over.  It is a donated radio part of some sort that Leann's husband Mark thought one of us might enjoy using.  Joan liked it a lot, too -- but she didn't have a plan for it right away, so I "won"...yay!  Of course, it is a snake part...anyone can see that!

the curious part -- thanks, Mark!
I wanted to use a tube that has a lot of surface to the edge to hold the part better.
While wrapping the tube with masking tape I found that there was a long glob of some sort of glue...I decided to leave it.  Maybe it will show up through the layers of plaster cloth.
The curious part affixed to the tube -- it is really firmly in place!
I didn't know what kind of head to make for this snake...a balloon didn't work right.  I couldn't find any shapes around the studio that I liked, so I wadded up some plastic outer wrappers from paper products...this is just the sort of occasion that I save them for.
Well, so far he has turned into a sort of rattlesnake and I am not fond of viper-shaped he will be changing, but this is how he looks right now.
Straight on he is a little less viper-looking.  I will absolutely be changing his head shape...but not tonight.

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