Friday, May 24, 2013

365/2013 - Day 144

a day with goats 

Today Sue and I went out to Sue's friend's farm to see some one-week-old kittens (and see if I wanted to adopt the black one) and to visit with the current goats.  Teresa raises dairy goats...she still has some of the ones I met a few years ago (her foundation goats) but has expanded to another breed -- Oberhasli.  There must have been close to 30 goats there today -- including the separate area of bucks for breeding.  ALL of Teresa's goats are just delightful and socialized and very friendly.

Teresa has about 10 acres near Perry, Michigan.  She has goats, dogs, cats, turkeys, chickens & roosters, a sheep, and horses.  This is the view walking down to the barn from her house.
That is Teresa with the sheep and two of her dogs.
This is Teresa's favorite baby right now...Appletini...who needed a sweater with the cold snap we are having.
What a sweet little girl.
Another one of the babies...I can't keep track of who is who.
Same baby as above.
MANY of the photos I shot today turned out like this -- these goats are so darned friendly that they get waaaaay close before you can snap the picture.
This is Applejack -- aka Jack -- one of the extremely handsome stud bucks.
Another one of the really sweet stud bucks.
Letting the girls out so we could go into the tack room in the barn to see the kittens.
Another view of the girls...and little Appletini.
These kittens are only one week old and mama is super protective so I had to snap quickly...there are five kittens.
And mama got right back in with them.
This is the one that I was thinking about -- but this sweetie pie is just not right for me/Twink/Bootsy.
Letting the girls back in for milking...and here they come...
...and they're coming in...
...and "Hey -- who are YOU?...
...and still coming...
...and now they are all in.
This is the youngster who decided I was okay to befriend...she has just recently become less skittish and is warming up to people other than Teresa.  Pretty much all of the pictures I tried to take were blurry...LOL...long shutter speed inside the barn and moving youngster.
My camera's strap was a big hit with Star.
This is the goaty who sort of adopted Sue today.
This is Star when she is still.
Another adult visits me.
Star with a little more light on her.
Sue's goat -- Cotton..."take pictures of "my goat", too!"
Sue keeping Star still...what a face.
Two of the foundation goats...Mamie on the left and Star's mom Kelsey on the right.
Sue with her two goat friends...Cotton and the goat Sue got to name -- Snickers.
And I believe this is Snickers' baby...I don't remember her name.
...but she sure is adorable!
Back outside while Sue and Teresa visit the horses...more time with Jack. 
What a handsome guy!  Look at those eyes -- so beautiful.
"Show me your foot."
The stance Jack took with me a lot of the time...apparently goats have scent glands in the foreheads and he reeeeeeeeeeeally marked me...kind of the way Twink does when he rubs his cheek against me.  Jack rubbed his forehead on me so much I thought he was going to wear a hole in my sleeve.
What a guy!
Jack is the goat I'd take home today.
Bye, Jack -- see you next time!

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