Friday, May 31, 2013

365/2013 - Day 151

a lot of sanding and painting...

...and making trips up and down the basement stairs, plus a little bit of sewing.  

That's what I did today after running errands.  It is so humid and rainy that I have to do the sanding and spray painting of the base for Quillz in the basement.  The very top of the metal pole got messed up when the spray paint spurted a bit when I first started, but I think I can sand it and repaint it in time.  Drop off for West of Center is on Sunday and Monday. 

I was planning on just painting the base white but the white paint in the store was blindingly white and I didn't want it that white.  I opted for the color I did so that it would be a color you can just barely see, but it is a color rather than off-white.  It is also helpful to me when applying multiple coats of paint to not paint the exact color I am trying to cover.  But you know me and painting...

ready to sand (over by the mountain of cardboard boxes that need to be broken down for recycling)
after the first pass at sanding -- you can see on the very right pie section how much gunk was on the base -- I don't even remember where the base came from

Then I sewed the seam closed that Joan needed to open for inserting the sleeve for setting Quillz onto the base's pole.  I never imagined any of those seams would be opened up -- I would have made more of an edge to them.  I think the repair looks fine.  It is not like it is in a spot that is going to be on view much...I was more concerned with the seam staying closed.  I'd be good with it if I was purchasing Quillz for myself.

that first seam that needed to be opened on Wednesday
it doesn't look too bad -- the other seams are either green or orange
when Quillz is on the base I seriously doubt this will be noticeable

I am going to let the paint rest for a day or day-and-a-half before I try to repair the spurty part of the top of the pole.  I am getting very excited for the Opening Reception on First Friday.  Partly because West of Center is my very favorite local juried show and partly because Sue will be going with me.  Sue and I need to do some banking/house stuff on Friday so we are going to turn it into a Girls Night Out -- she will bring Abby and we will do our banking, play board games, go to the opening, and bring dinner back to the house...make a night of it!

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