Tuesday, May 7, 2013

365/2013 - Day 127

a possible breakthrough on the large canvas

Off and on for most of the day I had in mind to work on the large repurposed canvas...the collage with the horse-creature guy.  This canvas/collage is turning into something totally different from the way I have been working on this series.  I originally had a cat-creature girl emerge behind the horse guy...then she morphed into a llama-like creature that morphed into a giraffe-like creature.  I was never fully happy with the way that (and the background) were turning out...and I have put a LOT of work into this so far...I don't mind changing things, but man -- this one is really unlike any of the others or any way I've made a collage before.  So, I was thinking of maybe finding a large picture of an actual animal and tracing the basic outline of it onto tracing paper and then somehow incorporating it into the collage...to totally cover the area that was that morphing creature.

The new "before".  I am happy with the way the various lighter colored papers have filtered out most of the old background.
As I was taking pictures of the "before" view, I was surprised to see a few guys emerging.  I don't know if you'll be able to see them or not, but I need to document them for myself.   I will say what I see, but I am choosing not to outline them/point them out so that they won't get locked into my head...maybe others will emerge.

another giraffe sort of guy is trying to come back into the collage
a long-nosed sighthound type of dog
another equine creature or equine/wildebeest or sighthound...keeps changing

And then when I was about to come over to the computer to write about this, THIS guy jumped out at me -- it felt like he nearly knocked me down...LOL.

can you see him?
closer view of his head/face
I penciled him in a little
He appears to be some sort of "masked" creature (raccoon/lemur?) who is looking downwards and wearing an apron or overalls.
I decided not to go any further with this tonight -- I need to get to know him a little better.  I learned my lesson on this collage with the morphing creature. 

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