Sunday, May 12, 2013

365/2013 - Day 132

to frame or not to frame...and moving art around again

I had some errands to run today and while I was out I decided to go to Michaels and see what they had available in the way of open back frames.  I have three delightful paintings by Jeff Hughart that I have been debating whether or not to leave as-is or put them into simple frames.  I went ahead and purchased three frames and I figured if I didn't use them for this project I could always use them later.

my audience  -- Bootsy and Twink
no frame  (24"x30")
no frame  (9"x12")
Well...after much switching back and forth between frame/no frame (and making myself nuts about it) I decided to go with the no frame look.  The edges are painted black and the paintings look just great without frames.  The larger one was the one I was really waffling about but I decided in the end to just put a wire on the back.  Maybe these "inexpensive" Michaels open back frames were just not the right ones...maybe I will find a nicer one sometime and snatch it up.  There is nothing wrong with the frames I bought...they are just not right for these paintings.
Bootsy checking out the new arrangement.
The right side of the wall is temporary -- I have one more painting that should be arriving soon -- more shuffling and rearranging to come.
This is where the William Hessian buffalo ended up.
I really REALLY like it on this wall.

The other day when I was wrapping up the "buy 5/get 1 random free" Art-o-mat artpacks I decided I needed to get some nicer green wrapping paper -- the white paper and green tissue paper were not really what I had in mind.
There...that is MUCH better...regular green wrapping paper, one of my business cards and green ribbon.  The image on the business card has absolutely nothing to do with the artpack is just my contact info for the blog, etc.

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