Tuesday, May 14, 2013

365/2013 - Day 134

feeling better...errands and a new collage

Now that all of the Nasonex has worn off I am feeling better than yesterday...I must be sensitive to some ingredient in that medication...man!  Today I grabbed Juana and we went to LIFT to check up on Greeny and leave the new Customer Loyalty cards and the box of randomized artpacks.  From now on whenever you purchase an artpack from Greeny (my Art-o-mat machine) you get your card punched.  When you have collected 5 punches, you get 1 free totally random artpack.  Each artpack has been wrapped in green paper and ribbon and has one of my business cards on it.  The image on the card has nothing whatsoever to do with the artpack -- it is just a way for people to check out my blog or contact me if they have any questions about Greeny or Art-o-mat.

Then Juana and I went out to lunch but we had to order and eat quickly because the restaurant we went to closes between lunch and dinner and we only had 15 minutes...LOL.  It was fun.  We usually bring half of our meal home anyway.

Juana also gave me her artwork for "West of Center" in case she is not in town for the drop off day at the Northville Art House.  I was thinking about it tonight and I feel really honored for her to trust that nothing will happen to her piece while I have it...it is an incredible assemblage piece that looks like it is pretty delicate but it is also very powerful.  GREAT work -- I can't wait for this show!!!

Okay -- I decided tonight to collage over a little exercise painting we did in an acrylic class at the Northville Art House with Julie Woodard.  I had a good time in the class (Carla and Ruth and Sue took it, too) and we both got acquainted with acrylic paint and techniques...it was a lot of fun...but I am tired of looking at this particular piece.  (I am keeping my other two.)

my painting
the papers I snatched pieces of for this collage -- (no polka dots this time)
this wonderful wood patterned paper came in the box that my painting by Claudia Roulier was shipped in
the first piece of paper goes on...lots of matte medium
several pieces of paper later -- I love how you can see through the papers and glimpse other ones and parts of the painting
I'm not sure what this paper is made of, but when it becomes wet with matte medium it looks like horsehair and strands of straw or weeds or something -- I've had it a long time but never used it before
and here it is...very very wet
I wonder what images/creatures will emerge when it is dry

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