Saturday, May 4, 2013

365/2013 - Day 124

arty errands and lunch and fun and GREAT news!

Whew -- long day!  This morning I ran a couple of errands before picking up Ruth to go out to lunch and go shopping and stuff.

After the bank I went to Home Depot to return some items I purchased for moving Greeny and Buckety (but Joshua had some with him), then I bought a quart of paint to match the color of my bathroom...luckily they still make the same paint in the same color name (Japanese Fern).  Then I went to the ever-friendly and helpful Northville Lumber to get a recommendation for shelving material.  I ended up with plain ol' pine and had them cut it to size for me.  I will (ugh!) sand/paint and put the L-brackets on them (that's going to keep me busy for a while!) and then Joshua can come over for a Handyman Day and put them up for me...along with a few other projects.  I just wanted simple shelves that would (hopefully) blend into the wall so I can display my bazillion vinyl toys.  I think all the colors will pop and look cool.  (Those errands actually took a little over 2 hours...EVERYbody in the world was at Home Depot this morning...and by the time I left there I was step-and-dragging it for the rest of the day...but no matter.)

anything anywhere near my studio bathroom gets a green aura around it

Then I picked up Ruth and we drove out to Brighton to go to lunch at The Wooden Spoon.  Our friend Peggy Kerwan has another exhibit of her paintings there.  Ruth has talked about how much she enjoyed her visits to the restaurant/deli and I thought this would be a great day to go out and try it...PLUS see Peggy's artwork on display.

We were seated at a nice table and it was easy to see Peggy's work from where we sat.  I was facing an absolutely delightful painting of two birds...the colors were just wonderful and the expressions on the birds faces and their body language really grew on me.  I am not generally a fan of small birds, but I really love Peggy's birds...I have another of her bird paintings in my collection.  ANYway -- I liked the painting right away, but the longer we sat and I looked at it the more I knew I needed it.  I was thrilled to learn I'd be able to bring it home with me today, too!  (And yes...the food was very good.)

Then on the way out of town Ruth was saying that there was a gallery that she has been dying to go to but she'd always been by it on a Monday (when they are closed) and could we try to see if we could find a parking spot and go and look around.  We got close and it turned out to be The Artisan's Bench!  I already "liked" them on Facebook and I didn't really realize where they were located.  And there were several synchronistic things that occurred.  One was that I have been thinking about these metal magnet boards and frames lately...I have wanted to get some to try to display Leann's postcards.  I have a couple of the artist's other metal designs in my kitchen already and I was thinking this would be a great solution...and guess what...they sell them there.  While we were choosing a board and magnets and frames, one of the owners started talking to us.  And it turned out we had a bunch of common threads, including a really BIG one that I am not going to talk about right now.  I need to see how it turns out first...but it was incredibly fabulous.  What a great day to wander into Brighton!  Oh -- these pieces are the creations of Metal Art by Cherie.

this is most likely where I will hang the magnet board, but hot HOW I will do it
the frames I was hoping would work with the postcards by Leann -- I already had the oval one
the openings are sadly too tight/small for the art on the postcards
I will need to figure out something else
but I still love the frames
another piece by Metal Art by Cherie that I already had
I moved the Kill Taupe magnets to the side of the 'fridge...for now

THEN when I got home a bit later I found that I had received the results of my submissions for "West of Center" at Northville Art of my pieces was accepted!  "Quillz" will be in the exhibit -- these are the photos from the cd I submitted for consideration.  I am SO happy!  More about the show as the date gets closer.

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