Monday, May 6, 2013

365/2013 - Day 126

hanging/rehanging art

This afternoon I finally got out the tools and hardware to put some art up on the walls.  I was going to wait for Joshua to do the pounding and banging and reaching (and measuring) for me but I decided I needed to see them more than I needed to wait.  I did some rearranging, too.  I tend to start out well with the level and a yardstick but that gets old quickly (for someone who is numbers-challenged).  

I even drilled pilot holes first
I scooched the bear underneath "Time for a Nap" and added "Foxish Thoughts"
in this area the lovely Peggy Kerwan birds are new and the Jeff Hughart beast is now underneath the William Hessian buffalo
I added/repositioned the two Kate Paul pieces on the left, moved the Ruth Calacci small collage over to the right of the Leann Meixner voodoo piece, added the Carla Morabito crane next to her giraffe, and I put the John Soukup octopus underneath the Juana Moore Marc Bolan piece.
I started out just moving the Kill Taupe robot to this wall above the Art-o-mat pieces but then I decided to group all of my smaller Kill Taupe pieces there...I didn't move the robot and just eyeballed the other pieces.
My Mike Kelly collage is now in my studio by the door above my favorite switchplate.

And here is Twink modelling Peggy's "Chickadee-do-dah".
...can't leave Bootsy out of the action


Carmen said...

I love seeing art on peoples walls. I have so much I need to frame and get up, it's either balancing on bookshelves or propped against the fireplace at the most. Looks so good seeing yours :-)

Took said...

Thanks, Carmen!

I have a giant stash that needs framing, too.

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