Wednesday, July 31, 2013

365/2013 - Day 212

no blog posting action today

I am sick today...allergies I think.  I am also in much pain.  I have tried to push myself into making something all day is just not happening.

"I shall sit here on and off for days and days."  -- The Frog Footman/Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

365/2013 - Day 211

goodbye and good riddance

Today that awful weedy/viney/bush/thing that I dubbed "The Devil's Fingers" was finally defeated.  I have been fighting that thing since I moved into this house.  I called it TDF because of its long, long, tough, nasty, fingery roots that reached all the way down to Hell...LOL.

True, I have used some parts of TDF in a couple of projects but I am really relieved that thing is gone.

Adam and Aaron of Mowtown Outdoor Services had to use a chain and their truck to pull The Devil's Fingers out of that spot.  I cannot explain how satisfying that was for me!
I wish I had been outside to take more photos of the removal -- but this gives you a small idea of the tenacity of this thing.
Atomic Fireball Happy Hour's antlers/horns are a part of TDF...I want to do more with this guy.
This guy's antlers were also a part of TDF -- likewise, this guy needs more work but he is one of my favorites.
This is the LAST surviving piece of The Devil's Fingers...I am sure I will find something to do with it.

Monday, July 29, 2013

365/2013 - Day 210

building a foot

Yes, I have been avoiding this for five days now.  I need to figure out how to be able to use the fabulous little pink shoes without totally wrecking them and have the whole shebang resemble something like a foot/leg.  Where to start?  How???  Cripes...I really set myself up a lot, don't I?

Even though this just happened, I don't remember every little detail so I will just show the photos and hope I can recall what was going on...LOL.

Okay...when I first started looking at the shoes tonight I found I could pull the insole out.  I had the idea to try to build up the foot directly on the insole since it (presumably) already fits.
I used Scott Rags and masking tape and ended up having to trim the sides a bit.
I think because of the remaining bits of sticky stuff on the underside of the insole the piece doesn't want to fit exactly.  I can trim some more off as I go along.  I will probably have to anyway because the insole will most likely swell a little when it gets wet and who knows what the plaster cloth is going to do.
I trimmed it a little more and the insole fit better...I will need to build a heel, too.
But first -- I needed to drill a pilot hole for the screw in the much later stages.

Yes, I suppose I am a bit delusional, thinking this is going to save the shoe from the plaster cloth.
Okay -- so I put a few layers of plaster cloth on the front of the foot.
Here is how the bottom of the insole looks...this is why it doesn't want to slide in easily, but I need that plaster cloth there.
I couldn't find my skewers (to keep the pilot hole) but I devised this instead.  I want the foot/shoe/thing to dry flat.
I had to test it -- it needs to dry all the way totally -- but I needed to see if I should even continue with this.  I didn't want to push on it too hard to smash it into the toe of the shoe because the plaster cloth is set, but not hard.  See how the insole is bunching up at the heel?
The front part doesn't look too bad -- I am very surprised and happy (so far).
I had to really push the leg into the bunched up insole, but look -- it kind of/sort of makes it look like a heel. is filled in anyway.  I doubt it will stay this way when it dries.
I think I am going to need to cut off this part of the insole and just build the rest of the foot around the leg and right into the shoe.  We'll see what happens when the insole dries all the way.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

365/2013 - Day 209

packing artpacks

Tonight I realized (duh) that I can get more done on the Tookies production line even though I don't have the label for the top of the box yet.  I can pack up the Tookies with their inner MDF block (added to the box as weight for vending) and the info insert, and wrap them with tissue paper, and slide all of that into the boxes.  That much will be done already when I get the other labels together.  Yay.

What I'm working on tonight -- packaging Tookies inside the box stuff.
Tissue paper, MDF inner block with note about it being added as weight for vending, info insert, Tooky...wrap it up with the tissue paper and tape closed.
Slide it into the box -- which actually fits better than you would think.
Everything folds over/folds up just right!
And the box is not overstuffed or out of shape -- good for vending!  Now I just need the top labels and cellophane/acetate.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

365/2013 - Day 208

labels, labels, and more labels

Tonight I am gluing the labels that I have available onto the Tookies boxes for Art-o-mat.  I won't be able to make the new photos or main labels or placards until probably one evening mid-next week.  At least I will be done with this part.

Friday, July 26, 2013

365/2013 - Day 207

workin' on Grammy

I like "Grammy" a lot.  I am not sure what exactly she is yet...some sort of Grammy Wolfish creature, something along those lines.  She is gesturing "It was about this big." with her hands.  That will probably be her title.

I have always seen her as a "her", which is unusual for me.  Most of my creatures are guys.  She is wearing a grandma kind of dress with her sleeves rolled up.  The dress has a cross-over vee neck collar.

I also thought she needed a tail.  When I was considering that she might be some sort of a bear I was going to do just a little teensy tail...and I also considered just leaving it under her dress...but no...the tail won.

These are just midway stages for Grammy...a lot more tweaking will be going on.  Even if her species changes, she will still be Grammy.

Laying everything out, getting ready to work.
Trying out a tail for size and placement...approximately.
Grammy gets a rolled up sleeve and a collar. 
Overall -- not too bad.
"It was about this big."

Thursday, July 25, 2013

365/2013 - Day 206

not much to report

Today was an extremely pain-filled day, so consequently I got absolutely nothing arty/artful done.

In other news:  out of the blue, my photo program crapped out on me and I won't have help with it until probably mid-week next week (after a friend's regular work day) Tookies production is at a standstill.  I can't do the boxes and photos for the AIC website or labels.

I look forward to a hopefully better tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

365/2013 - Day 205

a great find!

I wasn't planning on stopping at Target today while I was making my list of errands this morning, but it just happened that everything fell into place and I feel like maybe I was "sent" those who will not be named.

My first thought for the feet/shoes for the rabbitish/catish guy was that I wanted to buy a pair of little girl Mary Janes and plaster cloth over them and incorporate them into the piece.  I also thought about sculpting shoes/feet, and I thought about constructing some sort of feet (or shoes) from scrap wood or MDF around the house.

I knew if I was going to purchase a pair of actual shoes that I didn't want to spend very much money on them.  I had considered going to resale shops or Salvation Army or something...but that would involve much more time and energy than I wanted to spend -- plus it might land me in the midst of kids in a store and if you know me at all, you know I didn't want that.  But the planets were aligned at the moment I walked in to Target.  The shoes section was pretty much deserted and there was ONE pair of Mary Janes -- one perfect pair of pink Mary Janes in just the right size...and with such cool flowers!  AND they were on clearance -- $3.88 -- I could not believe it!   (Other little shoes on the same shelf had price tags of $20 on the average.)

Oh. Man.
The plaster cloth is no where near dry on the legs yet, but I had to try them out.

I could not have dreamed this better.
Then I had to try to balance the torso on top to take a picture...this guy is very unstable right now and top heavy and I was trying to do this with one hand.
For safety's sake I stacked/leaned the parts up against the wall -- Twink is standing on his hind legs outside of the door looking can just barely see his the left side of the door.

NOW I will need some time to plan this out.  I really hadn't figured on finding a perfect pair of shoes that I would like to try to leave as-is.  This is going to be tough...but I will come up with something.  I love those shoes!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

365/2013 - Day 204

that collage really ties the room together

Yep...much like The Dude's rug, this collage by my friend Joan Potter Thomas really ties this room together.  Everything about it "works".  I LOVE IT!!!  

I wish I could take a photo of the ENTIRE room so you could see how great this all looks -- maybe you should just come over and see it in person...let me know before you come, though.
A close up of "Tribal Flag" by Joan Potter Thomas.

And now...back at it again...back to prepping and plaster cloth'ing parts for guys.

Look, Leann -- I am really using the sketch book you gave us!
Working out how to put this rabbitish/catish guy together.
One "leg" covered with plaster cloth, one more to go...both were covered with masking tape first and the pilot holes were drilled in both ends.
All done...this is as much as I can do today.  Those are the wooden pieces that Joan's husband Andy cut for me in his workshop on Sunday...thanks again, Andy!

Monday, July 22, 2013

365/2013 - Day 203

no blog post today

I need to take today off from the blog.  No promises of make up posts...just a day off.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

365/2013 - Day 202

a little help, new art, and a little sharing

This morning I went over to Joan and Andy's house so that Andy could cut those pieces of wood for me so that they are squared on the ends.  What a woodworking/tool guy genius!  Andy only need to do one chop on each end and the first two taped together pieces were perfect.  I also took the remainder of the board over and Andy cut the two ends off, measured it, cut it and it was done!

Thanks, Andy!!!

While I was at their house, Joan was rearranging artwork and she came across one of her fabulous collages that I fell in love with but never brought home yet.  Joan gave it to me today -- we will work out the details later.  I know exactly where I want to hang this piece, but I will need help from another Andi tomorrow because I can't use the step stool any more.  I will take a better shot of Joan's wonderful collage tomorrow.

THANKS, Joan!!!
Where I want to hang my new Joan Potter Thomas artwork.

Okay...if you are at all squeamish you might want to not look any further.  This is the sharing part I spoke of.  I debated a long time about this because I didn't know if I wanted to include it in the blog with art stuff and show a gross photo.  I also didn't know if I wanted to expose this much about myself but what the heck -- this blog is mainly for me to document stuff and have it to look back at when I need to.  On the other side, if someone sees it and can relate to it...know that you aren't the only one out there...that sort of thing...well, okay. 

I am not posting this photo to say "woe is Took -- poor Took"...I am posting it to share why I am not able to do much else today.  I ran a few errands after stopping by the Thomas household and I was on my feet too long and this stupid heat and humidity is still to high for me. 

I have spoken a little in other posts about the "laundry list" of annoying things that are wrong with me physically.  Taken separately they are mostly that -- annoying, but I can live with it.  Taken together when they all happen at once -- like today -- things become more of a problem.  Still stuff I can live with, just harder to deal with and I am much less mobile.

Also -- please know that I am not looking for solutions or recommendations or suggestions for treatments of any sort.  All of these various issues are monitored by my doctors and we are/I am doing as much as I can to deal with things.  Believe me.  

Anyway -- I am not going to elaborate on all of the things.  The photo shows the reason why I have to be pretty much doing the elevation/cold packs/resting thing today and tonight.  The swelling does go down to more tolerable levels, but I have to really baby myself to have it happen.  I can actually have ankles and my "good" foot can be less severe, my "bad" foot can be a little better looking but still messed up.  One calf is always larger than the other.  Today is just a really bad day because my feet are extremely swollen and I can't walk on them much.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

365/2013 - Day 201

worky work

Today was full of worky work...sanding wood, cutting wood...that kind of stuff.  Plus many trips to the basement and back up...and then out running for a couple of errands.  I am so worn oh man.

I went "shopping in the basement" to see if I could find a round wooden plaque for the rabbitish/catish guy's torso.  I found this wooden circle (sold as a clock part) but it was too big.  Darn...back down to the basement.
I was thinking yesterday that I might have more of that wood from yesterday's blog post and guess what -- I found more!  It was from this pile of scraps that were left over from tearing down a partial wall by my furnace/water heater/etc.  Now I am glad I never took them out to the curb!  It is old wood and there are nails and the surface is rough, but it can be sanded enough to be able to handle it safely...and then cover with plaster cloth.
After thinking about it for a while (while I was back upstairs fetching a hammer to pull nails with) I thought I would look just one more time...there HAS to be a smaller round wood plaque somewhere in the basement.  I found ONE!!!  Back upstairs for a bit.
Back downstairs again.  Gah -- time to pull nails and sand this piece of wood.  Luckily I have a Mouse electric sander but it is so vibratey -- it saves time but it also wears your hands/wrists out using it.  Back upstairs again.
I tried out the smaller wooden plaque.  It almost fits.
Time for the handy dandy tin snips. 
I think this will work out fine.  I will need to use the rubber mallet and tap the plaque into place...but yes, I think it's going to work.
And back down to the basement to cut the sanded wood into two pieces.  Now back up to Studio B again.
I set the pieces in place to see if they'd (theoretically) work -- it looks like they will.  Yay!
But at this stage I have the problem of uneven ends on the wood.  I measured pretty well, but my cutting with the hand saw leaves a bit to be desired.  Back down to the basement to try again.  But first I taped the two pieces together and considered taking them to Home Depot to see if they could true them up for me.
Back upstairs again FOR THE LAST TIME TONIGHT I SWEAR.  I tried -- I really tried to do this one more time.  I sanded the board, but I just couldn't saw it.  Luckily, my good friend Joan's wonderful husband Andy has a shop in their basement and has agreed (through a message with Joan) to chop saw my ends for me.  I will take both the cut and the uncut wood tomorrow to their house to see what will be easier for Andy to work with.  I am done for tonight.

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