Sunday, July 28, 2013

365/2013 - Day 209

packing artpacks

Tonight I realized (duh) that I can get more done on the Tookies production line even though I don't have the label for the top of the box yet.  I can pack up the Tookies with their inner MDF block (added to the box as weight for vending) and the info insert, and wrap them with tissue paper, and slide all of that into the boxes.  That much will be done already when I get the other labels together.  Yay.

What I'm working on tonight -- packaging Tookies inside the box stuff.
Tissue paper, MDF inner block with note about it being added as weight for vending, info insert, Tooky...wrap it up with the tissue paper and tape closed.
Slide it into the box -- which actually fits better than you would think.
Everything folds over/folds up just right!
And the box is not overstuffed or out of shape -- good for vending!  Now I just need the top labels and cellophane/acetate.

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