Wednesday, July 17, 2013

365/2013 - Day 198

yay -- it's official!

Remember that "mystery thing" that I was so excited about and taking steps toward completing and that I wasn't saying what it was exactly until if/when it actually happened?  Well, today it happened!  I took my oath and I was officially sworn in as one of the new members of the Northville Arts Commission!  My term runs until June 30, 2016.  I am so excited and happy -- you'd think I was just crowned Queen of Northville or something.

Now...on with regular stuff...

Tonight I built up some of the features on the rabbit-guy's face.  I gave him some cheeks and filled in the area under his eyes a bit.  I haven't committed it to plaster cloth yet...I am still too giddy from today to get in there and do some serious work.   But I like how his face is becoming more round.  I think I do want him to be a combination of a cat and a rabbit.  He still needs work around his eyes and he needs his nose built up a little more.  His ear needs to be repaired, too.

As far as the long horns guy goes, I think I am pretty happy with his basic shape.  The papering and painting will finish him off.  I also decided to keep his hands/arms the way they are.

such a sweety guy


Leann said...

Congratulations. I think you should go around Northville wearing a crown.

Took said...

Ha -- don't tempt me.

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