Thursday, July 18, 2013

365/2013 - Day 199

slow progress

This afternoon I was building more onto the rabbit-guy's face using Scott Rags and masking tape.  I do it like this so that if I have worked on a part for a while and I come back and just don't like it, it is not a problem to pull it all off and start again.

Then I was thinking about how I might like to make the arms, and how wide they should be, and what should I use to build them on.  Toilet paper and paper towel tubes seemed the easiest and most abundant...they are also easy to cut and lightweight to work with.

Tonight I was going to work in Studio B but the air was just too close so I moved everything out to the dining room table.  

First things first...cut up more plaster cloth, then tape up the arms.

I filled in the elbow area with Scott Rags pushed into the gap.
About what I was hoping for at this stage -- and they are relatively even.  I swear I will never be able to make two perfectly symmetrical pieces of anything.

I took a long enough break to dump the arms water and get new hot water for the face.  I was very pleased to find that I wasn't losing very much of the "detail" that I put on yesterday.  Granted, I am working in thin layers right now, but turned out better than I was hoping for.  And his ear looks like it was never even broken.

Then I wanted to see how the arms might look so I held them in place for some quick shots.

Yep -- I am pretty pleased with this guy so far (now)...and he is definitely a combination of a cat and a rabbit.

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