Monday, July 29, 2013

365/2013 - Day 210

building a foot

Yes, I have been avoiding this for five days now.  I need to figure out how to be able to use the fabulous little pink shoes without totally wrecking them and have the whole shebang resemble something like a foot/leg.  Where to start?  How???  Cripes...I really set myself up a lot, don't I?

Even though this just happened, I don't remember every little detail so I will just show the photos and hope I can recall what was going on...LOL.

Okay...when I first started looking at the shoes tonight I found I could pull the insole out.  I had the idea to try to build up the foot directly on the insole since it (presumably) already fits.
I used Scott Rags and masking tape and ended up having to trim the sides a bit.
I think because of the remaining bits of sticky stuff on the underside of the insole the piece doesn't want to fit exactly.  I can trim some more off as I go along.  I will probably have to anyway because the insole will most likely swell a little when it gets wet and who knows what the plaster cloth is going to do.
I trimmed it a little more and the insole fit better...I will need to build a heel, too.
But first -- I needed to drill a pilot hole for the screw in the much later stages.

Yes, I suppose I am a bit delusional, thinking this is going to save the shoe from the plaster cloth.
Okay -- so I put a few layers of plaster cloth on the front of the foot.
Here is how the bottom of the insole looks...this is why it doesn't want to slide in easily, but I need that plaster cloth there.
I couldn't find my skewers (to keep the pilot hole) but I devised this instead.  I want the foot/shoe/thing to dry flat.
I had to test it -- it needs to dry all the way totally -- but I needed to see if I should even continue with this.  I didn't want to push on it too hard to smash it into the toe of the shoe because the plaster cloth is set, but not hard.  See how the insole is bunching up at the heel?
The front part doesn't look too bad -- I am very surprised and happy (so far).
I had to really push the leg into the bunched up insole, but look -- it kind of/sort of makes it look like a heel. is filled in anyway.  I doubt it will stay this way when it dries.
I think I am going to need to cut off this part of the insole and just build the rest of the foot around the leg and right into the shoe.  We'll see what happens when the insole dries all the way.

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