Sunday, July 14, 2013

365/2013 - Day 195

working on plaster cloth

I started the afternoon with thinking about what my next hand sewn guy would be.  I tried to draw a couple of sketches in the sketch book that Leann made.  

I think I would like to make the arms and legs have big buttons on them so that they can be interchangeable.

Later, I was thinking about a couple of possible submissions for upcoming shows.  I am not going to say which ones because I might end up not submitting anything after all...but I want to work on a few plaster cloth guys that have been waiting patiently.
This is the guy with the long horns that I started papering, but then I found that one of his fingers was cracked at the bottom and needed to be strengthened.  It was the second finger up from the bottom on the right.

Once I started working on that one finger I figured I'd like to even all of the fingers and thumbs out and then smooth out the arms.

Here is how he turned out so far.

Later on I went back into Studio B to look at this guy a little more.  
Then I realized why I didn't like him as much as when I first started him...he doesn't have enough of a face.  I wadded up a plastic bag that was on the table to try to give him a chin...something to work with, anyway.
It is hard to capture what exactly it is that I am seeing.
He's starting to get a little more of a personality...I'm not sure this is the end of adding to him, though.
The camera doesn't "see" what I see...odd lighting in that room with the skylight.  Also, I think I will clean that stuff off of his eyes.
That's a bit better...
Another view.
I like him more already...but I know he isn't done yet.
And now that I've been away from this guy for a little while I can't decide if I like those stubby hands and arms for him.  Maybe they need to be cut off after they dry...maybe he needs longer, thinner arms and longer, thinner fingers...

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