Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Yikes...I am actually doing it!

Well, here goes...

I have been wanting to do a (fill in the blank)-a-day project for a long time but never knew what to DO.

Every day last year I eagerly awaited Elin Waterston's newest blog entry. Each and every day was not complete for me until I saw what Elin had made.

Then it FINALLY hit of the things that Elin and I have in common is Art-o-mat®. My supply of artwork at Artists in Cellophane is totally empty and I need to make more to send in, but "life" keeps getting in the way. How about if I make it a part of each day to do an Arto-piece...and what better way to stay on track than to blog about it here?

So that is what my 365 Project will be...and once I get 50 pieces of any of the series completed, I will send them in!

I'll explain more as I go along...

(Note: On Jan. 2 I am having issues with being able to comment back on my own blog...and my comments on other blogs are not going through, either...don't know what's up...THANK YOU for leaving comments, sorry it seems like I'm not responding!)
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