Tuesday, January 27, 2015

2015 | Day 27

Day Twenty-Seven

Tonight I have been fooling around with papers and trying to make eyes (at least) for the big fluffy blue biteyou.  I am not sure this is what I will end up with, but it is better than looking at those white circles.

How he has been looking for some time now.
The "Magic Rub" eraser is not so magic on him...won't erase the lines.
I gathered some papers and the circle template and fooled around.
This is what I ended up with...until...
...I shot the photo, then the paper fell off.
The paper eyes (so far).
I guess that is better than it was before.
I still don't know what I want this guy to look like.  I am abandoning the paper mask, though.

Monday, January 26, 2015

2015 | Day 26

Day Twenty-Six

Tonight, lots of breath holding and lots and lots of time working on painting two areas of two collages.

First -- Biteyou's crow-like friend.  I tried to straighten the yellow lines a bit more...even them out.  I had to turn the canvas upside down again to be able to reach them.

Then -- I tried putting in some time with the bear-like guy on the mostly red collage.  I have been really reluctant to do anything to him because I am very worried that I am going to lose the face I was seeing with the shading.  And I think maybe I did wreck him tonight.  I will try to put his shading in another time and then come back in with the yellow again.  Damn.

I feel like I was mostly successful with the blue demon-guy when I tried painting him a couple of  years ago...I wish I could remember how I did it...although his features were not as special to me as the bear-like guy.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

2015 | Day 25

Day Twenty-Five

Today Terri and I got the auction items from the Group of Girls 2 show online at the Woods Gallery Facebook page.  Terri took photos of the artwork and I measured and recorded the pertinent information, then we came back to my house and worked on it together.  

Terri shooting the auction pieces at Woods Gallery.

Then Terri took hi-res, color-corrected photos of three paintings by Juana that are in my collection.  Juana needs good photos of them so she can get prints made and use the images later on for other items.

Terri set up a little staging area in my guest bathroom (good natural light from the skylight and north window) and took photos for Juana.

And THEN Terri started photographing some of my artwork to use on the website I hired her to set up for me.  Wow -- I am giddy thinking about it.  Today we secured my domain name and chose a template for the website.  Terri will work on some of the elements at home and we will meet up again soon to go over what she's got so far.  I can't believe I am becoming a dot com.

Then Terri started the first round of photos of my artwork for my upcoming website.

Thank You, Terri!!!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

2015 | Day 24 (part two)

Day Twenty-Four (part two)

I worked on cleaning up the yellow lines on the crow-like guy for a while -- mostly on the right edges of both legs.  I will need to flip the canvas over to work on the other side(s)...but not tonight.  I have a long way to go on straightening up those lines.


2015 | Day 24

Day Twenty-Four

Sometimes I just feel like working on something BIG.  Even if it is just a small part of it.  Tonight I added to the tall guy's neck.  I think there will be a lot of areas that need building up.  It is/will continue to be a challenge to work on this guy.  I kind of wish he came apart at the waist, the way his arms come off.  At this point I can still pick him up and move him, but not for long!

I wanted to start building up the front of his neck...
...after much trimming I ended up with this piece of cardboard.
I had to move a several big guys around in order to lay him on the table so I could reach to work on his neck area.
Cutting fresh lengths of plaster cloth.
Done for today, now trying to get a feel for how this looks...
...from different angles...

Yep...this is going to be challenging!


As I was leaving the room (and at eye level with the hands up cat girl again) I wondered if I might be able to pop on some large glass eyes instead of painting the plaster cloth ones again...looks like they might fit.
They just might work -- back when I first made her I didn't have large glass eyes yet...
...I was still painting the clear glass things.
I am pretty sure Baby Beast was the first guy that got larger glass taxidermy eyes.

I think I am done for the night...if I end up working on anything else I will come back and do a part two...it's still early.

2015 | Day 23 (a day late)

Day Twenty-Three ( a day late)

Here are photos from the artists' reception for A Group of Girls 2 at Woods Gallery in Huntington Woods, MI.  Most of the photos were taken from where I was stationed at the auction/bidding table.  We had a wonderful turnout and many great conversations and introductions.  So proud to be a part of this show!

As wonderful as it can be to mingle with people who want to see and talk about art, I find myself becoming less and less enamored of being in a crowded situation.  That is the main reason why I don't go to as many openings as I used to...mostly we go to see an actual show before the end of its run.  I did have a splendid time at this reception, but I was so overwhelmed by the end of the evening. I guess I am going to play the "getting too old for this" card...ha.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

2015 | Day 22

Day Twenty-Two

I know it doesn't look like it (to look at the photos) but I have been at this on-and-off all day and most of tonight.  Slowly tweaking with paint...and waiting for the paint to be dry enough...then retouching the touch ups.

About where I started from today...adding in the black for his legs...that brush is so skinny, but my hand just got shakier as the evening wore on.
Where I stopped for the early evening...drying again.  It needs a lot of touch up work of the yellow (glad I saved the mixture).
This is where I just stopped for the night.  I think now all I can do is go back at it (maybe on Sunday) and touch up the outer edges of the yellow with the black that is on the background.  It will never be "perfect" but I don't really want it to be.  I'd like it to be similar to the teensy bearish creatures.

I think I have four main problems right now...and they are all self-imposed...and not really real problems, just pokey stuff.  

   1.  I have been working on this too many days in a row.
   2.  I am painting on a surface that is far from flat and even...all those inclusions in the background paper that have been painted over are a challenge for me to paint a straight skinny line on.
   3.  Tomorrow is the artists' reception for the big group show I am a part of...getting pretty antsy about it.
   4.  I just realized that tomorrow is also supposed to be the day that the juror results are posted for the show I recently submitted work to.  It would be waaaay cool if I get something in, but I really really doubt I will.

Okay -- enough for tonight!
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