Friday, October 24, 2014

Day 299 - 365/2014

Day Two Hundred Ninety-Nine

Meh...pain filled day, errands, allergies, pounding headache...I have a big adventure coming up tomorrow and I need to get two mountains of laundry done and hopefully also tackle the pile of dishes.  So...nothing to show for today.

The bowling pin cat-creature is still pretty damp overall and needs to dry out before it gets more tweaking.

I am looking forward to tomorrow!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Day 298 - 365/2014

Day Two Hundred Ninety-Six

Tonight I worked on the bowling pin cat-creature's face...his lips/mouth area.  I was holding my breath a lot and I like how it is turning out but I need to stop for tonight before I tweak it too much...I can do that later.

I started by making a typing paper set of lips.
Then I fixed the size and cut out separate pieces from watercolor paper.
The face "before".
I like how this is shaping up -- and I really like that new nose.
Another view.
Another view -- still a long way to go, but I am pretty happy so far!  For sure he needs to be left alone so his tail/body/face can dry.
I am still not sure about how I will do the eyes...these are the glass cat's eyes I have on hand but I think they might be too small...dunno yet.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Day 295 - 365/2014

Day Two Hundred Ninety-Four

Tonight I worked on the bowling pin cat-creature...securing its tail to the body, putting more layers on the tail itself, and smoothing out the rest of the parts that didn't have enough plaster cloth.  I think the plaster cloth is pretty evenly applied overall now.  The only other thing I want to revisit is the cat-creature's face.  I think I want to make its mouth/lips in a similar way to the hands-up cat.  I will try that next...but not tonight.

I worked in two sessions, this is the first one:

Set up and ready to get to work.
I need to cover everything evenly and attach the pretty much free-standing tail to the body.  I think I can make it so that it is still pretty visible as the tail and not just a ridge.
It seems to be coming along pretty well -- time for a break!

Then I took a dinner break and this was session two:

Picking up where I left off on the tail...part of this end will be left free-standing away from the body -- I think it will be fine.  I needed to work on the cat-creature from a new angle.
And all done for tonight.  I laid triangles of plaster cloth over the top ridge of the tail and then smoothed the sides over to meet the body and flow onto it.  There are still a few tiny gaps but I think they will fill in when I start the tissue paper layering later on.  I think that will also smooth out the surface imperfections, although it will definitely not be ceramic-smooth.
And the tip of the tail is just slightly away from the body.
I think you can still see that the tail is a tail.
A closer look at the tip of the tail.
Another view. more.
Next I think I want to add more defined lips/mouth to the face.
If I was a better painter I might be able to just paint the face on, but I think I want to have it more defined...maybe not...we'll see.
I am thinking something along these lines for the mouth/lips.

I am kind of eager to get to the next part but I need to let it sit for at least a day to firm up really well.  I am still on track for the deadline...I should be able to get all of the rest of the work done in plenty of time...I need to cover the whole thing with a couple of layers of tissue paper as prep for either painting or papering the finish...then comes the part I dread the most -- the actual commitment to color(s) and painting the face.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Day 294 - 365/2014

Day Two Hundred Ninety-Four

Today I have been thinking about how to proceed with the bowling pin cat-creature...lots and lots of doing.  I was actually almost to the point of setting everything up to work on it tonight but this stupid allergy/congestion/major headache is what is holding me back...mouth breathing and plaster cloth dust do not go together well.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Day 293- 365/2014

Day Two Hundred Ninety-Three

Tonight the bowling pin cat-creature got an experimental "for now" tail.  Right now the tail is not totally hard -- I had to work pretty fast so that it wouldn't crack -- and then I had to get it in place on the cat-creature without it flattening or wrecking the surface that is already there.  I know, that was an awkward sentence and it is hard to follow...bottom line is I hope I can get this tail to work out -- it is not fully attached or fully realized yet.

I wanted to put a piece of wire (of some sort) inside of the tail so that I could bend it to fit the bowling pin.
This is a leg from a tomato cage -- and this is as tight as I could bend it against the edge of the table...I didn't want to fight with it any more.
This is 18 gauge copper wire and I doubled it up and twisted it a little bit...not that it is actually doing all that much, but it helped when I rolled up the bubble wrap.
I taped the wire to the bubble wrap.
Then I rolled up the bubble wrap and taped it tightly, pulling the tape taut against itself until I covered the whole tail.
I tried positioning the tail in various poses.  Yesterday Juana suggested that I might try to use the tail as a sort of way to steady the bottom of the bowling pin but I couldn't get it to would have had to cross over itself and it was hard enough to get it to stay in just this simply wrap around.
I tried anchoring the tail with masking tape to see how it might look.
Then I left the tail in the basic shape that it wanted to take.  At this point the tail is somewhat rigid but still bendable...I am hoping that I can get enough plaster cloth on it for it to take shape and stay put until I figure out how to make this work for real.
And now...a look at the for-now tail in various views...

I think I like it, but I still don't know if it will work.  I need to let it dry and then go back to it.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Day 292 - 365/2014

Day Two Hundred Ninety-Two

Today I hosted Sanda Cook and her Abstract Art Workshop at my house.  In attendance: Took, Terri, Juana, Peggy, and Franciney.  Sanda brought all the materials we needed and showed us some techniques for painting in an abstract way with acrylics.  This is much different from anything any of us usually do and it was great fun!  Here are some photos from today:

Sanda arrives with some of her supplies.
Skip drove Sanda to my house...he is looking around a bit.
Sanda unpacking her supplies.
Here we are -- ready to get started.  (Me/unseen), Terri, Juana, Sanda, Peggy, and Franciney.
Sanda gave us each a canvas that had she had started with textures and gesso.
Sanda starting her talk.
Showing us about drawing around the textures and also making outlines to fill in.
I chose to outline the texture on mine...later I drew a freestyle shape.
Sanda talking about her process with a previous painting of hers.
Here is what I have so far...what could be a bear or bear-like creature and a blue blob...maybe slightly rabbit-shaped.
In this direction it looks more like a map to me...this is how I will work on it.
Sanda works on a painting along with us.
Peggy and Franciney working.
Terri and Juana working...Sanda at the end of the table.
My "map" shaping up a bit.  I think I will continue to add more things after it is dry enough and I think about it a bit more.
Sanda shows her painting.
Sanda taking a photo of Terri and her painting.
Sanda talking to Juana about her painting.
Peggy couldn't decided which direction she preferred...landscape or portrait...
...Peggy decided she liked this direction best.  I agree.
Juana still working on her painting.
Franciney still working on her painting.
Terri's finished painting.
Franciney -- almost done.
Juana with her completed painting.
Ta-daaa...Franciney is done!
Detail of Franciney's painting.
Sanda's completed painting...she gifted it to me!
Sanda's palette.
Skip arrived to pick Sanda up.
Final chats.'s like they were never even here -- no mess!
We all had a really great time today and we all painted in ways we never would have on our own.  We are very happy with our paintings.  THANK YOU, Sanda -- maybe we can do this again some time!
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