Tuesday, November 24, 2015

November 23 -- (self-imposed midnight) deadline -- ha!

My days/hours are running together and turning into a swirling blur at this point.  I haven't officially gone to bed yet, so it is still Monday to me and this is Monday's blog post.

My friend Peggy Kerwan (who I will always think of as "The Cavalry" from now on) did indeed come to my rescue.  This is one of the small great things I mentioned in the last post.  Peggy and I are collaborating on the painting of the plaster cloth cat girl.  I honestly exhausted every idea I had for painting/papering the cat girl on my own.  I took a chance and asked Peggy if she was available and if she was interested.  She said "it sounds like fun" but to me it is nothing short of the only way the cat girl was going to be able to be a part of my upcoming show.  Thank You SO much, Peggy!  Here are a couple of sneak peeks:

We discussed what I have in mind and with many of my inspiration source books Peggy was off and running.  I am giving her a freehand to interpret the animals and ideas I would like to see and I think this is going to be incredible.  It is just blocked in right now and it is already magical.

I started to block in some characters on my own on three canvases, including the White Rabbit.  These three characters were from tiles I made back when we were going to ceramics in Southfield.  They seem so odd to me in such a large format and on canvas, it is taking me a bit to get used to them and to the inclusions in the paper being an element of the overall pieces.  (man, what an awkward sentence but I am too worn out to try to reword it...ha.)  I noticed the White Rabbit's white paint shows up in the half-dark so I took a quick shot.

Peggy will be back on Tuesday after I get back from a doctor's appointment.  I am looking forward to seeing all of this unfold!

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