Monday, November 2, 2015

November 2 -- lots of small things

Today I picked up Wolfy from the theater.  He will be back on display in December.

The plaster cloth drips on the cat girl's skirt were thin enough to wipe off (mostly) with a damp paper towel.  It needs to dry overnight and then I will need to vacuum the paper towel crumbs off.  I think that will be good enough to cover with one of the exterior paint testers I got when I was choosing the green for my house...I have several of them.  I will be painting and/or papering over it anyway.  The plaster cloth on the upper part of the cat girl was a lot heavier -- that is why I had to put tissue paper over that part.

Good thing I have high ceilings in the dining room!
These plaster cloth drips are wiping off pretty well without soaking the surface.
I think the exterior paint will cover this just fine as a base coat.

I also stopped by Northville Lumber to see if they could cut some wood and dowels for me.  I think that using the dowels with the wood bases will stabilize Baby Beast and He Dreams He is a Tree for display at the show.  He Dreams is NFS but Baby Beast will be.  I will screw the dowels to the boards with long skinny screws that I got today (I might end up needing help with this part in order to drill straight pilot holes so that the dowels don't crack or split), but first I will paper the bases (or paint them) to finish them off.

I also final coated 5 collages in my spray booth (really, the studio bathroom...the only room with a really good exhaust fan) and they are drying in Studio B.  I have the ready made frames for them and the hanging hardware is ready to go...I want them to dry for a couple of days first.

And then there was this collage that I need to paint thin lines on.  Tonight I tried putting on a third coat of orange paint but it is just beyond me...the lines are getting sloppier and wider but not more orange.  I tried cutting decorative paper into very thin strips and put them on with matte medium but it is just not working...the paper is dissolving before I can pick it up and lay it on the canvas...I tried to patch it but it just isn't working.  I am disappointed but not defeated.  I will figure this out.
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THIRD coat of orange paint!
Super thin strips of paper...
...just not working.

I also got some "write-on" transparency film (while I wait for the ink jet film I ordered to arrive) and some special pens for writing on the film.  I traced an old sketch just to see how it would look.  But, of course, when I went to get the overhead projector I found that it was back up in the loft in Studio B.  Peggy is coming by tomorrow to bring it down for me. 

I will have to wait until late tomorrow afternoon to see how it worked.

  OH -- and I hired someone to help me with my website -- YAY!

Okay -- that's enough for tonight...I'm kinda beat.

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