Wednesday, November 18, 2015

November 18 - stuff is coming together today!

Several things really started to fall into place today.  Andi helped me by sewing the straps to hold that one collage to a board.  I explained to Andi what it was I was trying to accomplish and she did all the measuring and ironing and pattern making and sewing.  I will add the grommets later (maybe tomorrow) -- I am wearing out already for tonight.

Andi cutting the paper pattern she will use to make all the straps nice and even.
Andi sewing -- she has to take her right shoe off and work the pedal barefoot.
Sewing, sewing, sewing!
Ironing more and turning corners out.
Nice work, Andi...that would have driven me to tears!
I got the middle strap a little off center, but -- ta-daaaaaaa!  This is what it will look like -- kinda like hanging a quilt from a dowel.
And this is how I hope it will look once I put the grommets in...they are just sitting there for now.  I still need to sand (and probably wax) the board so it is nice and smooth -- no slivers!

I also discovered some creatures and a theme for this papered canvas.

I had to take photos after I outlined the creatures so I could find them again later...good luck trying to spot them -- I almost couldn't find them again already.  I have no clue yet how I am going to work on this collage yet in order for viewers to see the creatures.

I also brought two other collages to near-done-ness...I had to trace and cut out small pieces to fit into spots on creatures in both collages.  I try to tear paper as often as I can vs cutting it because the edges fade into the collage better, but some of these pieces I cut today needed to be cut and it won't matter that they have straight edges in the end.  No peeks, though!
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