Sunday, November 1, 2015

November 1 -- Countdown to Solo Show Deadline

Wow -- it has been a long, long time since I posted to this blog!  

Whenever I would daydream of having my own solo show I usually pictured it at The Village Theater on Cherry Hill in Canton.  I really love that venue.  And a few weeks ago my dream actually came true -- I was offered my first ever solo show -- AND -- it will be at the Village Theater!

This opportunity arrived totally out of the blue and I did not have a whole lot of completed work on hand but I didn't want to turn down this incredible offer.  I am scrambling to get enough work finished for my deadline of November 30.  I have a few pieces that are complete and ready to show.  I have several others that are also show-ready but that are coming from my collection and will not be for sale.  I have a few other pieces that will be on loan from the new owners of those works.  I know I can pull this together in time and I will.

I have made lists of tasks and I am trying to accomplish as many as possible in the order I listed them.  I have a LOT to do including photographing the work, coming up with the postcard design, and writing an artist statement.  I also need to give everything a title and price, and deliver an inventory sheet on the drop off date.  I've gotten through a couple of lists so far but in order to keep me on a tight schedule I decided to start the blog again so that I have something I feel I need to account to each night.  I won't be showing completed pieces in their entirety but I may consider showing detail shots later on (just so I can look back at the blog to see where I was).

Okay -- today I have been working on prepping the plaster cloth cat girl.  I reworked her face a short while ago and gave her taxidermy eyes.  I have thought of a new back story for her and I want to make her into a storyteller.  Her new outfit will reflect this.  

Throughout today (and tonight) I have been applying tissue paper in preparation for her new surface decoration.  While I reworked her I got a lot of plaster cloth drips and splashes on her and I tried washing it off but it makes her just too wet.  Instead I have gone back to the tissue paper method that has worked for me in the past.  A layer or two of tissue paper smooths out the imperfections a bit and makes a decent surface to either paint or add decorative papers to.  I had originally hoped to be done with this by tonight but I found it took much longer than I had expected.  Physically I just cannot do anymore tonight.  Below are photos from today.

This is a shot of those too busy body boys of mine...just after being shooed away from the tissue bags.
Bootsy stares down the cat girl.
This was the point where I took my first break...SO many pieces of paper!
Session two got me about this far...on just the back.
Session three got me around the front side and down to her waist all the way around.
Well, I feel that this -- combined with laundry, cat box washing, and a load of dishes  -- is plenty of work for today.  I am really out of practice with posting and it feels strange to be writing again -- I am feeling pretty self conscious -- but maybe blogging will do double duty and help me with writing the copy for the postcard and artist statement.   I know much of today's post is awkwardly worded but I imagine I will fall back into the rhythm of it in a few days.  I hope I keep my resolve to stick with the nightly blog post check-ins. 

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