Thursday, November 5, 2015

November 5 -- a whole different direction

I had my list for today that included assembling the hardware parts/ready made frames for the first few collages, papering the last three blank canvases, papering the last three plaster cloth guys, and then sewing in the evening.  It was very do-able...except I ended up sleeping for part of the afternoon.  I think it was partly due to overdoing it last night, the lawn guys picking up the leaves and stirring up all of those allergens, and my new medication.  I didn't even realize I had been sleeping.

So a few hours ago I was going to start on the framing but I felt the pull to paper the collages first.  I put the tacks+mono filament line on the backs of the 3 blanks (I like to hang them up to dry).  I put a sheet of neutral paper on this smaller canvas with no problems.

Then I took that canvas into the studio and when I looked at the guy that has the orange lines that have been giving me trouble I felt/heard a very strong "this is not for now...maybe later" and when I get something that strong I follow it.  I realize how hokey this sounds, but this is a very real thing that happens when I am working on stuff.

The "very wet" canvas starting out.

So I took that guy out and slathered on some matte medium and tore up a sheet of paper and started to lay first piece on when I got an incredibly strong "wet" suggestion.  That guy is made from a lot of torn circle-y pieces of black Unryu paper and I figured the "wet" meant that he would need a lot of matte medium to be able to glue down the papers.  I kept everything very wet as I worked.  The feeling/suggestion/direction kept getting more insistent with the "wet -- very wet" thing.  I kept covering the collage and felt like I was sent back into the studio for different paper -- I went through the pile of papers kept getting drawn to the marbled ones.  I have never used those in collages, only for covering parts of plaster cloth guys.  I tried to choose something else but the "very wet" was persistent and so was the "need" to choose the very blue/copper marbled paper and a sort of matching blue Unryu paper.  Okay -- I'm not going to argue.

The marbled blue/copper paper.
Bringing in the green papers -- both of them are two-sided.
The ridiculous green paper -- I think I bought this with the thought that it would be good for contrast in trees and leaves and groundcovers.
I tore the paper and laid it into a very wet swipe of matte medium then I tore a piece or two of the Unryu paper and covered over the marbled is all a very wet canvas at this point...and still the "very wet" kept up.  I was pushed to get more marbled paper (this time the green one called "forest") and a cover up piece of pale green...but I was also very drawn to the really ridiculous green Unryu paper that I have never used yet.  I did fight this -- at first.  I had to give in and use one piece of it.  Still the "very wet" thing is nearly overwhelming.  I have no clue what it is about or what orientation it goes in, but here is the result of the layers of papering.  I am so curious to see what it looks like when it dries.

"Very wet" -- can't wait to see how it dries!

As soon as I hung up the "very wet" collage I knew I was done with collage for tonight because I felt this sort of whoosh -- like the feeling when you have been laying down and you sit up really fast...or when you have been bending over at the waist to tie your shoes and you stand back up too quickly.  And then the pain hit.  Man.  Neck muscles I didn't even know I had, the muscles in my right arm pit and shoulder and my ribs on the right side.  I think I have been overdoing the large, sweeping motions.  Like all of the paint roller-ing yesterday, and lifting the cat girl from the floor to the table several times, and the applying matte medium last night and today.  I am sure I am okay.  It just feels like my arm wants to be folded up against me like a wing and my hand wants to rest on my left collar bone...and wearing a binder of some sort to keep all of that area compressed together.

Sewing was also on my list so I guess that is what I will be doing -- if anything -- when I plant myself in front of tv for the night.  It's all good...I need to get the sewing done, too...and I know my limits there.

Here are the things I have to choose from to work on...oh, and the totally-dry-now cat girl.  Here skirt doesn't look exactly like what I had in mind but I think it will be fine.  I have some new ideas forming for it.

Pile o' sewing...including the newest snake who is only a bunch of stripes right now.
Cat girl and the way all of the layers of green paint ended up.  I don't even want to think about the mess from last night -- mixing all of those colors -- ha ha ha.

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