Sunday, November 8, 2015

November 8 -- a very full day

Gosh -- a lot happened today but I don't have photos for everything and I also don't want to talk about everything in detail.  I got some incredibly great preliminary news and it comes as a huge relief, I am so grateful...I can start to breathe a little...feels so good.

A lot of the morning was spent taking photos of new work...I think I mentioned I got myself a new tripod since I seem to have given my old one away somewhere between here and the move from Southfield (several years ago now).  I have to make postcards and I want to do some Moo business cards while I am at it so that means going through a lot of photos and making sure they fit specs, etc.

I am also trying to polish and finish my artist statement.  We will be working on my website for some minimal content, including the "about" page on Tuesday -- probably most of the day.  I really dislike writing -- especially about myself.  It is right up there with painting/applying paint on my rather-not-do-this list.  But it has to be done and I will get it done in time.  

But I will say that the "very wet" collage looked great with yesterday's additions.  I just had to re-do the eye on one of the creatures.  This collage is looking pretty darn nice.  I wish the frame I have for it didn't cover as much of the edge of the collage as it does, but that is my only complaint about that.  No photos.

I worked on another small collage and after the success with the "very wet" collage I used some small amounts of marbled paper on it.  The marbled paper is two-sided and I can grab some colors I don't have otherwise if I turn the marbling side over...comes in really handy!  Here is a peak at what I mean.

The collage is underneath the papers -- it is a little girly can barely see the left edge of the collage showing her ear and part of her eye...and the gorgeous marbled papers.
Oh -- and my wonderful nextdoor neighbor took the wood and dowels for the two bases I needed to put together for He Dreams and Baby Beast.  He took the parts to work with Him because He had access to all sorts of tools last night.  Today She called me and said the bases were ready.  I love my new-ish neighbors.  I figured out how I wanted the bases for these guys and went out and got the parts cut and the long screws that wouldn't split the wood but I was struggling with the pilot holes...I needed a drill press -- or better yet -- someone to do it for me who knew what they were doing.

Baby Beast and He Dreams He is a Tree with their assembled bases.  I am so lucky to have such great neighbors!

And tonight I began papering the bases.  Baby Beast will be for sale but He Dreams will not be.  They will both be in the show, though.  So -- I am making the base for He Dreams to please me and the base for Baby Beast will be a bit more neutral.

The two bases with the bottoms and partial sides done/drying.  I had a "Duh!" moment when I realized I could turn them upside down to dry and not touch the table.

I am really jacked up physically from all of the sitting-at-the-table time yesterday and today.  I wanted to give the really long horns guy his new eyes and finish his wet plaster cloth tonight but I just can't.  I need to elevate my feet/legs.  I hope to work something else tonight...maybe writing, maybe looking through sketchbooks for images for the bigger collages...dunno.

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