Tuesday, November 24, 2015

November 24 -- day two of the collaboration

Peggy came back this afternoon to begin day two of our collaboration on the plaster cloth cat girl.  

At the next stage Peggy needed me to clean the old matte medium of of the cat girl's eyes.

 Now Peggy could work on the cat girl face-to-face.

Because my pen wasn't really working out very well (ink was beading up on the surface of the collage) Peggy also painted the outline around the crown on my self portrait of me as one of my guys.

 I worked on a lot of the other collages today, as well as putting several base layers of paint on the two former horses.

Peggy stayed until shortly after eleven tonight.  Now it is time for a break, time to feed the cats, time to make my dinner, and then back to work!

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