Wednesday, November 4, 2015

November 4 -- getting a lot of tasks done

Today is mostly being filled with the dreaded base coat painting of the plaster cloth cat girl.  Man, I really dislike painting of ANY kind and yet I am driven to make things that will eventually need some sort of painting done to them.  Ah well.

I have some tester pots of a three or four shades of green that I got when I was trying to choose the paint color for my house.  I want to use one of the lighter shades as the under coat and then use a darker one on top that is a bit more than dry brushed over it and that will be the cat girl storyteller's background color combo for her skirt.  So I got the first coat on -- it took forEVER.  While it was drying I made a quick run out to the grocery store.

First coat without the parts that needed to be brushed on.
I found it pretty amusing that the name of this color is Humorous Green.
Second coat of Humorous Green and then I moved the tables around a bit and rolled on the same color to two of the blank canvases.  It is funny to me that the room looks so much bigger with the tables and chairs scattered around the room.
Next it was time to put a layer of tissue paper on the big head (former horse) creature.  Someone please remind me the next time I consider making something this small in plaster cloth that it is really difficult to maneuver the paper onto the legs and underneath the guy...except I have the other former horse to do, too...I already made him so you don't need to tell me about that guy.

I love this big head guy so much.  I know I will have him in the show but I don't know yet if I will want to have him be for sale.

After that I was still pretty charged up even though I really needed to stop for a break to feed the cats and then make my dinner.  So (instead) I papered another one of the blank canvases.  My intention is/was to use a neutral paper as the background and project images onto it to paint (see what I was saying earlier?) or collage.  But when I hung it up on the wall to dry I was seeing images coming forward in just that first layer.  I have three more blank canvases I can still do the projecting with...I really want to do that.

Every time I look at this photo I see more guys trying to come forward...I saw a different one when the canvas was still laying flat on the table. I will take that break and feed the cats and then make my dinner...10:15 -- that's not too bad.  After dinner the cats are going back into the bedroom so I can put that darker base color onto the cat girl's skirt.  I will most likely paper the last three canvases as well.  I don't have it in me to do anymore papering of plaster cloth guys tonight.

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