Thursday, November 19, 2015

November 19 - lots going on in one room

Man -- there is a little bit of everything going on in the dining room today/tonight.  Even the computer is out here so that my helper can have more room to work and so that when she has a question I am in the same room.  She is putting together a bare bones website for me.  It will have not a whole lot of content right now but I wanted to get it up before my show opens...just for easier access by various people.  Hopefully we will be able to publish on Saturday!  I am learning some very basic stuff so that I can add photos or edit copy on my own...not too much different than doing a blog post, but not exactly the same process -- I should be able to pick it up after a few days.

The overhead projector is on this end of the room, too.  I want to try to project a couple of my older hand drawn images onto a canvas and work a collage around that.  I am not sure I can pull that off, but we'll see.

All the way down at the other end of the room I am using the wall as an easel and painting directly onto the canvas as it hangs in its drying space.  This is that darker base paper square canvas that I finally found some creatures in and a theme for yesterday.  Trying to get the images to come forward away from the dark paper is a challenge for me...but I am getting there.  So far it looks like the transparent water colors might do the trick.  I think it will look pretty cool if it works out.

A couple of other collages are getting papered in two other spaces on the long tables.  No photos of the actual work until the show is hung (if I can get some pictures that day) or until the opening reception after I get back home.

I don't know where I think I am going to get the time to finish all of this work but I am sure giving it my all.

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