Saturday, November 21, 2015

November 20 -- oh shoot, I missed my midnight deadline by 9 minutes...

I worked on a lot of the collages today and I have finally got all 11 remaining collages started and in several stages of done-ness.  Three of the collages were started by using the overhead projector to transfer images onto the canvases.  Here is one of is a picture of me as a monster/guy.

Today I also picked up Forest Horses from the framer.  I know I said no sneak peeks, but I am really happy with the way this turned out...even the (faux) floating frame looks good to me.  This is the collage from a few days ago that I felt guided to do...the "very wet" one using the marbled paper in a collage for the first time.  Honestly, this is so unlike me and not something I would be able to sit down and draw...but I love it a lot...the colors in person are very intense.  It is called Forest Horses because the green marbled paper's color is Forest and so is one of the shades of green Unryu paper.

And -- ta daaaa -- we got my very bare bones website up and running today!  Here is a link for it!  And this is all I can do for tonight.

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