Tuesday, November 3, 2015

November 3 -- more multi-tasking

Today I have been going through sketchbooks and notes, etc. to look at creatures I've been jotting down.  I am trying to come up with compositions for the blank canvases.  I will use the overhead projector to help me size and transfer the images to the canvases.  Peggy came by this afternoon to bring the projector down from the loft in Studio B and I tried it out just to make sure it was still in working condition and to make sure that write-on film wasn't a waste of money...it wasn't...yay.  The image is sort of hard to see because the room was so bright, but it is the robot on the wall between the windows.  I won't be using that for a collage -- it was just easy to trace yesterday.

I papered the top half of the long horns guy all the way around -- hard to believe two hours flew past and that was only as far as I got...it is all the curves and non-flat surfaces I guess.  I intend to go back and finish him tonight.  I hope to get one or two of the smaller new guys papered tonight, too.

It is a bit daunting when I think of all I still have to do by the deadline...I can do this...I will do this... I want to do this.

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