Thursday, July 11, 2013

365/2013 - Day 192

Second Thursday!

I love my friends.  I love that they come to my house to have our Second Thursday group meetings.

Tonight Leann had the activity for us.  She showed us several ways to draw, including contour drawing and making a complex repeating design.  Leann also gave us all a hand made sketch book (that we are to keep close at all times, whether we use it for drawing...or lists...or doodling...or whatever).

She gave us several printed handouts about the methods of drawing that we tried, as well as a list of other drawing methods.  Another of the great printouts was Corita Kent's Immaculate Heart College Art Department Rules...the last line of the page says: "There should be new rules next week."  It is quite wonderful.

We all had a great time.  Thank You, Leann!

before...the tables are always so empty and then SO full and then so empty again when everyone leaves
Leann beginning to tell us about the first drawing exercise.  Present tonight (from bottom left): Deb, (Took), Juana, Joan, Leann, Jane, Julia, Janice.
Leann explaining the contour drawing exercise -- we had to put one of our shoes on the table and then look at our shoe (not the paper) and draw one line...the pencil not leaving the paper.

my first attempt -- I included everything, including the cat bites -- I did this drawing fairly quickly
then we were to do it again and draw slower -- we could lift the pencil and move it to another spot (but then not look at it again)...I was amazed enough at my second attempt when I went slowly and held the pencil in a fisted way instead of my usual pencil-holding way...I didn't try lifting the pencil and going back
Janice drawing her shoe
some of the stuff Leann gave us -- including this nifty viewer
Leann demo-ing the complex repeating design method -- like if you want to make a wallpaper or fabric design that repeats
after the sections are cut apart and put back together they will line up and make a repeating pattern
Deb's stamped design on 4 cardstock sheets
taking the tape off the back of the pieces of cardstock so she can reposition the parts to see the new repeating desgin
Deb loved how this works!
I tried to start a design but I couldn't think of anything and I was getting too inky with the stamps so I decided to start doodling and I came up with the beginning of a drawing for a song lyric that I like a lot that I've never been able to draw before...I think I like this so far.
I wanted to give the repeating pattern thing a try, so I quickly drew out something -- starting in what I thought was the middle of the page but it turned out to be waaaaay off when I tore the page into halves...but it's okay if it isn't exactly centered
what my design would look like if I wanted it to repeat...when the edges line up they will make the pattern

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Leann said...

Thanks so for hosting, Took. What a delight!

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