Sunday, July 21, 2013

365/2013 - Day 202

a little help, new art, and a little sharing

This morning I went over to Joan and Andy's house so that Andy could cut those pieces of wood for me so that they are squared on the ends.  What a woodworking/tool guy genius!  Andy only need to do one chop on each end and the first two taped together pieces were perfect.  I also took the remainder of the board over and Andy cut the two ends off, measured it, cut it and it was done!

Thanks, Andy!!!

While I was at their house, Joan was rearranging artwork and she came across one of her fabulous collages that I fell in love with but never brought home yet.  Joan gave it to me today -- we will work out the details later.  I know exactly where I want to hang this piece, but I will need help from another Andi tomorrow because I can't use the step stool any more.  I will take a better shot of Joan's wonderful collage tomorrow.

THANKS, Joan!!!
Where I want to hang my new Joan Potter Thomas artwork.

Okay...if you are at all squeamish you might want to not look any further.  This is the sharing part I spoke of.  I debated a long time about this because I didn't know if I wanted to include it in the blog with art stuff and show a gross photo.  I also didn't know if I wanted to expose this much about myself but what the heck -- this blog is mainly for me to document stuff and have it to look back at when I need to.  On the other side, if someone sees it and can relate to it...know that you aren't the only one out there...that sort of thing...well, okay. 

I am not posting this photo to say "woe is Took -- poor Took"...I am posting it to share why I am not able to do much else today.  I ran a few errands after stopping by the Thomas household and I was on my feet too long and this stupid heat and humidity is still to high for me. 

I have spoken a little in other posts about the "laundry list" of annoying things that are wrong with me physically.  Taken separately they are mostly that -- annoying, but I can live with it.  Taken together when they all happen at once -- like today -- things become more of a problem.  Still stuff I can live with, just harder to deal with and I am much less mobile.

Also -- please know that I am not looking for solutions or recommendations or suggestions for treatments of any sort.  All of these various issues are monitored by my doctors and we are/I am doing as much as I can to deal with things.  Believe me.  

Anyway -- I am not going to elaborate on all of the things.  The photo shows the reason why I have to be pretty much doing the elevation/cold packs/resting thing today and tonight.  The swelling does go down to more tolerable levels, but I have to really baby myself to have it happen.  I can actually have ankles and my "good" foot can be less severe, my "bad" foot can be a little better looking but still messed up.  One calf is always larger than the other.  Today is just a really bad day because my feet are extremely swollen and I can't walk on them much.

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