Wednesday, July 24, 2013

365/2013 - Day 205

a great find!

I wasn't planning on stopping at Target today while I was making my list of errands this morning, but it just happened that everything fell into place and I feel like maybe I was "sent" those who will not be named.

My first thought for the feet/shoes for the rabbitish/catish guy was that I wanted to buy a pair of little girl Mary Janes and plaster cloth over them and incorporate them into the piece.  I also thought about sculpting shoes/feet, and I thought about constructing some sort of feet (or shoes) from scrap wood or MDF around the house.

I knew if I was going to purchase a pair of actual shoes that I didn't want to spend very much money on them.  I had considered going to resale shops or Salvation Army or something...but that would involve much more time and energy than I wanted to spend -- plus it might land me in the midst of kids in a store and if you know me at all, you know I didn't want that.  But the planets were aligned at the moment I walked in to Target.  The shoes section was pretty much deserted and there was ONE pair of Mary Janes -- one perfect pair of pink Mary Janes in just the right size...and with such cool flowers!  AND they were on clearance -- $3.88 -- I could not believe it!   (Other little shoes on the same shelf had price tags of $20 on the average.)

Oh. Man.
The plaster cloth is no where near dry on the legs yet, but I had to try them out.

I could not have dreamed this better.
Then I had to try to balance the torso on top to take a picture...this guy is very unstable right now and top heavy and I was trying to do this with one hand.
For safety's sake I stacked/leaned the parts up against the wall -- Twink is standing on his hind legs outside of the door looking can just barely see his the left side of the door.

NOW I will need some time to plan this out.  I really hadn't figured on finding a perfect pair of shoes that I would like to try to leave as-is.  This is going to be tough...but I will come up with something.  I love those shoes!

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