Friday, July 26, 2013

365/2013 - Day 207

workin' on Grammy

I like "Grammy" a lot.  I am not sure what exactly she is yet...some sort of Grammy Wolfish creature, something along those lines.  She is gesturing "It was about this big." with her hands.  That will probably be her title.

I have always seen her as a "her", which is unusual for me.  Most of my creatures are guys.  She is wearing a grandma kind of dress with her sleeves rolled up.  The dress has a cross-over vee neck collar.

I also thought she needed a tail.  When I was considering that she might be some sort of a bear I was going to do just a little teensy tail...and I also considered just leaving it under her dress...but no...the tail won.

These are just midway stages for Grammy...a lot more tweaking will be going on.  Even if her species changes, she will still be Grammy.

Laying everything out, getting ready to work.
Trying out a tail for size and placement...approximately.
Grammy gets a rolled up sleeve and a collar. 
Overall -- not too bad.
"It was about this big."

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