Saturday, July 20, 2013

365/2013 - Day 201

worky work

Today was full of worky work...sanding wood, cutting wood...that kind of stuff.  Plus many trips to the basement and back up...and then out running for a couple of errands.  I am so worn oh man.

I went "shopping in the basement" to see if I could find a round wooden plaque for the rabbitish/catish guy's torso.  I found this wooden circle (sold as a clock part) but it was too big.  Darn...back down to the basement.
I was thinking yesterday that I might have more of that wood from yesterday's blog post and guess what -- I found more!  It was from this pile of scraps that were left over from tearing down a partial wall by my furnace/water heater/etc.  Now I am glad I never took them out to the curb!  It is old wood and there are nails and the surface is rough, but it can be sanded enough to be able to handle it safely...and then cover with plaster cloth.
After thinking about it for a while (while I was back upstairs fetching a hammer to pull nails with) I thought I would look just one more time...there HAS to be a smaller round wood plaque somewhere in the basement.  I found ONE!!!  Back upstairs for a bit.
Back downstairs again.  Gah -- time to pull nails and sand this piece of wood.  Luckily I have a Mouse electric sander but it is so vibratey -- it saves time but it also wears your hands/wrists out using it.  Back upstairs again.
I tried out the smaller wooden plaque.  It almost fits.
Time for the handy dandy tin snips. 
I think this will work out fine.  I will need to use the rubber mallet and tap the plaque into place...but yes, I think it's going to work.
And back down to the basement to cut the sanded wood into two pieces.  Now back up to Studio B again.
I set the pieces in place to see if they'd (theoretically) work -- it looks like they will.  Yay!
But at this stage I have the problem of uneven ends on the wood.  I measured pretty well, but my cutting with the hand saw leaves a bit to be desired.  Back down to the basement to try again.  But first I taped the two pieces together and considered taking them to Home Depot to see if they could true them up for me.
Back upstairs again FOR THE LAST TIME TONIGHT I SWEAR.  I tried -- I really tried to do this one more time.  I sanded the board, but I just couldn't saw it.  Luckily, my good friend Joan's wonderful husband Andy has a shop in their basement and has agreed (through a message with Joan) to chop saw my ends for me.  I will take both the cut and the uncut wood tomorrow to their house to see what will be easier for Andy to work with.  I am done for tonight.

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