Wednesday, May 15, 2013

365/2013 - Day 135


The collage that I started last night is SO different today in its dry state.  Last night while it was still very wet I thought I was seeing a few creatures emerging.  Today they are gone.  Just gone.  I tried turning the canvas over and over to see new views but most of the images were fairly disturbing nightmarish figures to me.  I finally went back to the original orientation and a guy starting to surface.

today's dry version of the very wet collage from last night
turned upside down I started seeing scary creatures -- kinda nightmarish
turned in this direction more of the creepy guys came up -- and the other direction was the very worst for disturbing imagery -- I couldn't even photograph it
going back to the original orientation this guy started coming green eye, one yellow eye and a long nose
he seems (right now) to be some sort of antelope/goat guy in a ceremonial-type kimono or something -- with a cloudy outdoorsy sky behind him...we'll see if he stays

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