Sunday, May 19, 2013

365/2013 - Day 139

tidying up and revisiting a project

This afternoon I couldn't stand all of the art papers scattered behind my desk.  It was time to at least stack them and roll them up together (for later sorting) and to stash the smaller still-good pieces in a bag of their own.  I have a lot of!

I'm not proud of the ocean of papers back here...but this is what a portion of it looked like.
There...straightened out a bit.
It might not look like it, but that is a LOT of paper!

While I was cleaning up I found several projects that I had forgotten about.  This is one of them...remember this paint-by-numbers-without-the-numbers kind of canvas board I had?  Here is the original blog entry about it from back in January.  Tonight it seemed like he wanted his mask more defined and wanted a slightly less decorative jacket collar.

The left side of the "mask" has a basket underneath it I think.
Yeah...I will leave out the grapes and whatever that fruit was on the left side of what is now his collar.  I tried to duplicate the basic shape for the right side.  I am not sure if this is how it will stay.
And here is at the end of tonight -- still a sort of a minotaur/bear kind of guy.

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