Saturday, June 1, 2013

365/2013 - Day 152 part one

a lovely day -- in two parts -- part one

A few of us from the Second Thursday group (plus a husband and a mom) met up at Deb Kolar's house to drive together to see the show she and her husband Jeff have currently at 212 Gallery in Saline, Michigan...but first...we got a fabulous tour of her gardens and house...I am only sharing the photos from the gardens.  This post will be the gardens tour.

Jeff made pretty much all of the metal sculptures and Deb "made" the gardens and mosaics and ceramics.  Oh...Jeff also built the gazebo.

Marlo joins us and gets a pet from Jane
this is the long view to the back of the yard, to the right side -- the other way into that area is through the arbor which you'll see coming up in another photo
Carlene (Leann & Jane's mom), Leann, and Jane get the tour from Deb
this is the arbor I mentioned a few pics ago
okay -- just to get some scale and an idea of the depth and size of this area...

I pretty much didn't move far from the photo above -- look how far away Leann and Jane are!
notice Leann and Jane in relation to the ferns and hostas behind them in the circular garden
I zoomed in a little -- those ferns are my favorite plants in the gardens
those are TALL carved mushrooms
I wish you could see this area of the yard for yourself -- it is so lush and gorgeous
very very large hostas -- with TALL standing ferns behind them
walking back towards the house...another view of the gazebo...and Leann's husband Mark has joined the group
weather vane on the top of the gazebo
other fish against the fence
and look who made an appearance inside the house -- this very beautiful kitty -- I believe her name is Dibs
I will continue our adventure to Saline in part two of this day's blog entry.

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