Tuesday, June 4, 2013

365/2013 - Day 155

cool stuff

Joan cleaned her garage yesterday and today she came by on her way to the Salvation Army store to see if I wanted any of the items to use for making plaster cloth guys.  

Oh man -- is this great, or what!  Joan thinks it was probably the base of an artificial xmas tree.
And how about these hose reels????!!!???  The inside thing turns around, too!  Joan said she might possibly come back and get one of these to use in her art at some point (if I haven't already put them to use). 
Then on her way out she showed me what else was in the car -- this soft sculpture calla lily -- I might be able to build something around this.
And this piano lamp -- how cool!
Now I'm all worked up -- SO many ideas flooding my head...I need to try to draw them in my sketchbook before I forget them.  I am blown away -- these are really GREAT things!!!  Thanks, Joan!

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