Tuesday, June 11, 2013

365/2013 - Day 162

let's try this again

Okay -- I think this set of eyes will work better.  I gave them a backing coat of the white spray paint but it is not dry enough yet for me to pick them up and really look at them...I tried a quick peek and I like them (so far).

This is how the new glass gem eyes looked before they got spray painted white on the back.
IF the eyes work out, I think it is time to bring this guy out of the shadows and change him for the show I am considering submitted work to.
I think one of the things I was not terribly happy with was the plaster cloth eyes that I made for him in his first stage.
This is the first pair of eyes (that I won't be using for this project) -- I think I can change the head enough to have the second pair of glass gem eyes work.
Yeah...I think I could do it and be happy with it...so that if I DO submit him to the quickly approaching deadline show and he doesn't make it in I will still like him anyway.

Today's Tookies progress:  completed the eyelashes, side seams and bottom edges of Tookies 11-20.

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