Saturday, June 1, 2013

365/2013 - Day 152 part two

a lovely day -- in two parts -- part two

And we arrived in Saline at Two Twelve Arts Center (which I mistakenly called "212 Gallery" in the previous post but I am not going back right now to change it) to see the show featuring Deb and Jeff Kolar.  Deb has mosaic and fiber work.  Jeff and Deb have collaborative pieces featuring mosaics, repurposed window frames, and Jeff's metal work.

Deb getting a group shot...I didn't realize I was holding them up while I was taking photos of the building.
Deb taking a photo of us...I love shooting people who are taking photos.
Now it's my turn to take a group shot..Deb, Leann, Jane, Carlene.
The space at Two Twelve is just wonderful...however, it is difficult to get a photograph that doesn't have glare on the glass -- there are so many windows and bright rooms.  These are some of Deb's incredible fiber pieces.
One of Deb's mosaic frames...Jane enjoyed her reflection because this piece is totally Jane's colors.
Jan Waller is the proud new owner of this piece!
I love this fabric work.
Deb with "Happy Horse"...which was not for sale...I really like this one.
THIS is the collaborative piece I'd buy if I could.  Jeff has added lights behind the panels.
detail of the window I love.
And look who it is -- Jan Waller!  Husband Mark was also in attendance.
another of the fabulous collaborations by Deb and Jeff Kolar
and this one, too...Jeff made the metal fish form and Deb made the ceramics to fit into well as the mosaic work
Deb and Jan
Deb and Carlene talking about Deb's fiber pieces
Whoa -- pretty much all of us in one room at the same time (minus the two Marks):  Jan, Deb, Carlene, Jane, Leann, and Kat Campau.
this piece was already sold
as was this magnificent peacock
This show runs through June 26, then it moves to the Saline library.  Please, try to go and see these marvelous works in person -- they are just delightful and so labor intensive.  Click on the link in the first paragraph for more information about Two Twelve Arts Center.

After looking at the art all nine of us packed up and went to lunch was such a great afternoon of art and friends!

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Thank you Took, your photos are fantastic!

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