Tuesday, June 25, 2013

365/2013 - Day 176

t-shirts and a mannequin torso

My sister Sue brought over a huge box and a good-sized bag of t-shirts that she can't sell (for whatever reason or another) and also the mannequin torso she used to display them on.  I am very excited to get these art supplies!  The t-shirts are the color-changing ones -- with the heat from your body they go from like orange to yellow...or blue to pink.  I will cut them up and sew the strips together (or use whole sections maybe) and they will become new soft sculpture guys.  

The usually inviso-Sue with the loot/art supplies she brought me!
That is a LOT of shirts!
The last soft sculpture guy I made -- Quillz -- had a body made from strips of an old plain shirt of mine and color changing shirts.  His ears were also made from the color changing material.

So tonight I decided I wanted to get started on covering the mannequin torso.  I knew it was going to be a big project.  The torso is covered with a fabric that is similar to a men's underwear tank tap.  This thing has been around for quite a while and has been to many selling venues and has been in Sue's basement for a while.  It is a dusty and slightly beat up thing.  At first I planned to just cover the whole thing with plaster cloth so that I wouldn't have to look at it anymore or deal with the dust.  Ha.  I was thinking that the plaster cloth would take to the white fabric and make a stronger new skin.  Ha.  

What. a. mess.  

The fabric is not fully glued to the torso.  It slips and moves...making it difficult to smooth the plaster cloth onto it without a whole section of fabric/plaster cloth moving, and therefore not adhering.  I thought the plaster cloth would become one with it -- yeah, right.  PLUS, underneath the fabric, the torso is just made of cardboard layers -- it feels pretty strong -- but the bottom edge is really icky and there are splits in the seams (I am finding out as I work on it).  I will need to put many, many layers of plaster cloth onto this torso to make it hold up.  BUT it will work!!!  It is just going to take some time and a lot of plaster cloth.  I have both.

I drag so odd things into the wet plaster cloth studio.
Inside of the torso before I got started -- when I still thought it would be best to cover the fabric with plaster cloth.
After I decided I better pull off as much of the fabric as I could.  Also not that great of an idea. 
The inside of the torso after on sitting's worth of plaster cloth and smoothing.
What. a. mess.  I will make this work (eventually).

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