Saturday, June 15, 2013

365/2013 - Day 166

experimenting with the felted flower

Remember the wonderful time we had at Second Thursday this month with Jan showing us a couple of felting techniques?  Today I wanted to experiment with stitching on one of my flowers.

Jan told us that the felt has "memory" and that if we put a rubber band around the wet felt it would hold that shape later.
And it did!
This inside of my flower -- the colors are a little off in this lighting...better ones later on in this post.
I have lots and lots of colors of embroidery thread.  I'm not trying to say that I am good at embroidery, but I do have fun playing with the thread and colors and stitching.  This is how you learn, right...early projects and practice, practice, practice!
This part is pretty well felted together...only a few tiny spots are not totally connected...
...but I wanted to have the illusion that the stitches are holding it on -- plus the color of the thread matches the fiber so well.
I have only just started on this flower -- I want to do a lot of embellishing with threads and fibers and maybe some tiny beads.  This is closer to the true colors.
The inside -- truer colors version.
Close up detail of truer colors version.
Today's Tookies progress:  I finished the horns/ears on the two finger puppets from last night that didn't make the blog posting deadline.

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