Saturday, June 29, 2013

365/2013 - Day 180

what a great day!

Today was day two of my volunteer shifts for The Northville Art House during their biggest fundraiser of the year -- Arts & Acts.  Again today, I did some gallery sitting and talked to a whole bunch of lovely people who came to see "West of Center".  

Again today, I was very pleased to be be able to hang out at the Art House with the new Art House Store Mangager Patti Witte.  I am really enjoying getting to spend time with Patti and getting to know her.

But the best thing that happened today -- my piece from West of Center sold!  I won't go into details because I don't have the new owners' permission(s) but I just want to express how thrilled I am -- this is so out of the blue and SO appreciated!  First -- I am ecstatic that someone liked Quillz enough to want to purchase him.  Second -- I worked very very hard on Quillz and I am very happy that someone who can appreciate that is taking him home.  Third -- although I have sold artwork in the past, I don't recall ever selling a piece of my art directly from the show that it was in.  Fourth -- I am very pleased that the Northville Art House is getting a percentage of my sale...I love the Art House and I really believe in it and everything the Art House is about.  Fifth -- I am just SO happy!!!

early in the day -- Patti on the other side of the counter, taking on a last-minute task
later on -- Patti does a good "Vanna White" impression while putting the red SOLD dot on my label
Quillz -- now you behave in your new home, you!
Oh man... I just thought of how tickled my sister Sue is going to be about this sale.  Sue sees me enter shows and is always very supportive...but she actually got to come to the opening reception and hear juror Matt Eaton talk about the jurying process.  Even though Sue might not always connect with my art she is always my biggest cheerleader.  This is going to make her really happy, too.

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