Sunday, June 9, 2013

365/2013 - Day 160

not quite what I had in mind

...but I like how the glass "eyes" turned out.  They aren't right for the project I am/was trying but I will keep them for another plaster cloth guy.  If I had painted Quillzy's base bright white instead of the color I ended up choosing, I would have a can of white spray paint...but I didn't so I don't.  I will go get one tomorrow I guess, and start over.

When I checked on the eyes today it turns out the Sharpie is still visible through the white acrylic paint...not that that part matters.
There are lines/grooves in the white painted under surface of the eyes -- they need another coat (at least).  I think they turned out like this because it is white acrylic paint that I applied with a brush -- instead of white spray paint.
I put on a second coat of paint...not too likely to work, but it's all I have for today.

When I checked on the eyes, the white looked sort of beige so I took them to the basement in search of either white house paint or black spray paint.  The white house paint didn't help much.  I used two coats of super flat black "camouflage" spray paint and waited.
I like them...they are not quite right for the project I intended them for, but I will save them for possible future use for a different plaster cloth guy. 

Tookies progress:  today I gave the first batch of ten finger puppets a mouth, eyelashes, side seam, and bottom edge. 

I was secretly on the fence about this variation of Tookies -- but I really really like them a lot now that I have found a rhythm for making them.  They are coming out more uniformly now. Whew!

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