Thursday, June 13, 2013

365/2013 - Day 164

Second Thursday 

Tonight Jan Waller showed us how to make two different felted flowers.  We had such a great time!

Jan starting to give us the basic info

Jan is showing us how her felted wall pieces develop
My needle felted "rose" before felting
I did the rolling for as long as I could but then Jan had to take over for me.
Tonight we had:  Peggy, Julia, Jane, Juana, Jan, Took
Our felted pieces for the roses are set out to dry on my front porch railing (I hope it bothered my neighbors -- hah!) -- I LOVE the color of Peggy's car -- that is the blue I wanted to paint my house.
This is my felted flower before felting
Ooops -- I added another shade of yellow to the middle.
And here are  my two pieces
Juana's felted pieces 
Peggy's flowers
Julia's flowers
The one Jan worked on and Juana practiced needle felting on -- I feel badly I didn't get photos of Jane's beautiful flowers -- Jane needed to leave before the others did and at some point someone said "pictures please" and Jane was already gone.
Julia made a flower arrangement

What a wonderful, wonderful evening!  Jan will show us how to make felted masks later in the fall.  It will need to be a slightly longer evening, but we will figure it all out.  

This was so relaxing, so fun, so new to some of felt like such a communal activity.  Really really wonderful!  We can't wait for the next time!

Tookies progress:  absolutely none...we did this all night.

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